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5 Best Blood Pressure Monitors In India | Top Brands And Reviews [Updated 2022]

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Knowing your blood pressure makes you feel a bit relieved and comfortable. Maintaining neutral blood pressure is mandatory for one to have better and hygienic health. Blood pressure must never be high or low. In blood pressure, the high pressure is called hypertension and the low one is called hypotension and normal blood pressure is called normotension. The blood pressure monitor shows these readings in the device separately.

You can come across many blood pressure monitor brands specifying their features and specifications. But, one cannot just choose some random device to find out the accurate readings. For such times a perfect monitor is mandatory that works well.

Here is the list of the best blood pressure monitor and the instructions that you must follow and look after before buying a blood pressure monitor. These blood pressure monitors include sphygmomanometers and BP machines. I have listed out the best blood pressure monitors in india based on the ratings and the reviews to guide you today. Keep on reading for more detailed information and, go and get your blood pressure monitor today.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors In India:

1. Dr Morepen Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

best home blood pressure machine
  • Power source-Adapter
  • Dimensions-20*20*4 cm
  • Type-BP machine
  • Weight-0.95 pounds
  • Batteries required-1 lithium metal battery

Product Features

  • The product is the fully automatic digital machine
  • The machine is lightweight
  • Can reach the pulse measurement minimum range of 40 beats/min and a maximum of 199 beats/min
  • Pulse measurement accuracy can reach up to (+/-) 5% and pressure measurement up to (+/-) 3%

About The Product :

Dr Morepen is an Indian based non-government company. It is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures health supplements and also laboratory products. It produces products with high-quality materials and is also long-lasting. The thermometer manufactured by this company gives the best accuracy readings compared to other thermometers.


  • Lightweight product
  • Shows accurate reading
  • Material is quite comfortable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can work on batteries


  • Sometimes it may get stuck
  • May not show exact readings

Editor’s Review :

Having a balanced BP control is very important for everyone. This machine can give accurate readings of one’s BP level and is also budget-friendly compared to other products.

2. Beurer Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor:

accurate bp monitor

Product Features

  • Power source- Battery Power
  • Dimensions-9.5*17*13 cm
  • Type-Forehead digital infrared
  • Weight –0.44 Kgs
  • Batteries required-4 AAA batteries
  • The monitor has the feature of recording the readings in the fast way that is possible
  • The machine is fully automatic for blood pressure and pulse measurement
  • It provides the average of the blood pressure calculated for the last seven days
  • The date and time of the reading is also shown on the monitor and recorded
  • It is flexible and easy to use by oneself without any external help
  • The measurement readings are recorded and also shown graphically
  • The BP has a haemodynamic stability display and records all the previous readings of the measurement.

About The Product :

Beurer is a german based manufacturing company that produces electronic health-based products. The company has been in existence since the 1980s and manufactures more than 2,200 products in the current times. The manufacturing includes the best BP monitor in India and weighing scales.


  • Records the previous readings
  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides the date and time of the readings
  • Time-friendly
  • Self-controllable


  • May not show accurate readings
  • The memory may not work as same as before

Editor’s Review:

The Beurer BP machine is daily usable and accurate. It is budget-friendly and provides many friendly facilities such as easy one-button operation, wide range cuff, error detector and low battery indicator and memory storage. This machine will be completely helpful for bedridden patients to have a count on their BP measurement readings.

3. Diamond Conventional Mercurial BP Instrument:

best manual blood pressure cuff
  • Power Source-Runs through Mercury
  • Dimensions-5.43*12.76*36.34 cm
  • Type-BP machine
  • Weight-1 Kg 180g
  • Batteries required-None

Product Features

  • It is meant primarily for medical students
  • Velcro type cuff is included
  • Manufactured pure mercury and virgin materials
  • The control valve system of the product gives more accurate readings of the BP

About The Product :

As the name says, the Diamond BP machine is among the top best BP machines in India. This product is the traditional type of BP machine with a rubber cuff rotated and placed around the arm until the blood flow stops, three and the cuff becomes tight. The pressure reading is recorded through the mercury column in the machine.


  • It gives the exact and accurate readings
  • Useful for medical students
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Not a timesaving process
  • May not give instant results

Editor’s Review:

This BP machine is the old type of BP monitor and does not have any digital features. But, this is the correct and most suggestable way of calculating the BP as the machine shows the exact and accurate readings compared to the digital BP machines. They are long-lasting and durable.

4. DR Trust Automatic Electronic BP Machine:  

best accurate blood pressure monitor
  • Power Source-Battery Power
  • Dimensions-12.6*8.5*2.8 cm
  • Type-BP Digital Machine
  • Weight-330g
  • Batteries required-3 AA batteries

Product Features

  • Provides accurate measurements and averages the last 3 BP measurement readings that are taken
  • It is fully automatic and easy to use by tapping one key.
  • Two users can save their data separately after each taking their readings.
  • The product comes with an optional power adapter and an extra cuff.
  • It provides a warning saying that the person has an irregular heartbeat during the measurement.
  • It is easy to carry as it is lightweight.

About The Product :

Dr Trust is a global welfare and home health manufacturing company. The company manufactures health supplement products that are durable and long-lasting. The infrared thermometers manufactured by this company are one of the best forehead thermometer guns and are durable. The thermometers are also budget-friendly and give instant readings.


  • Duel users memory is saved independently
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic on and off feature
  • Averages last three measurements


  • A bit Expensive compared to other products
  • Chances of breakage of the machine are more

Editor’s Review:

Dr Trust is the best and budget-friendly BP digital machine that gives accurate and instant readings. It provides an option for dual users to save their data on the monitor and provides a warning if the user has a normal heartbeat or not. It is also appropriate for daily use and easy to carry.

5. Omron Advance Digital BP Machine:

best digital blood pressure machine
  • Power Source-Battery power
  • Dimensions-12*12*15 cm
  • Type-BP Digital Machine
  • Weight-570g
  • Batteries required-4 AAA batteries

Product Features

  • Readings of the BP measurements can be recorded at home effortlessly
  • It gives a warning if there is a body moment during the reading, is recorded so that the person can retake the recording.
  • The machine will let know if the heartbeat of the person is normal or not
  • The hypertension symbol in the BP machine starts blinking when the systolic or diastolic pressure is out of the range.
  • Easy to use with a single tap on the button
  • The BP machine is fully automatic and gives a quick and instant reading.

About The Product :

Omron is a Japanese electric manufacturing company that was formed in the year 1933. It is also well-known in sensing, control technology and the automation industry. It has manufactured many daily use electronic products, invented many new health care products and devices and introduced them to society.


  • It is fully automatic
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Indicate warnings


  • May not show accurate readings
  • Consumes more battery

Editor’s Review:

Omron BP machine gives an instant reading compared to other BP monitors. It provides a warning when the pulse rate and BP are out of the range, whereas other BP monitors do not have this feature. It can be worked on batteries and also an external USB plug. It is budget-friendly and one can know the accurate readings sitting at home.

What Is a Blood Pressure Monitor?

The human body is a combination of different organs and does many functions at a time in the body. One of the main organs of the body is the heart. The heart must pump and push the blood from the arteries and veins regularly for human survival. The blood is moved through these arteries and veins and is reached to all the corners of the body. There should be no break in this process. This process of flowing blood to the overall body is known as blood pressure. When there is some disturbance in this process, it leads to some serious health problems and other issues. The device that shows if the blood pressure is normal or not is known as a Blood pressure monitor.

Types Of Blood Monitor Machines:

There are five main types of blood pressure measurement devices:

  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Non-portable for upper arm
  • Portable digital for upper arm
  • Digital portable for wrist
  • Digital portable for fingers

People say that 28 other types were also tested but were not effective and accurate. Out of the above-mentioned upper arm, cuffs type BP machines were more accurate than the finger and wrist devices. In all the types and brands, the Omron brand has a high rating. It is used by many people regularly and is also durable.

This brand provides accurate ratings and is budget-friendly.

Sphygmomanometer: The sphygmomanometer is the basic and traditional type of BP machine with two tubes. The first tube is connected to the pressure gauge and the other one to the pressure hand. The cuff of the machine is dependent on the size of the patient. The width of the cuff must be 20 degrees more than the arm. When the size of the cuff is large, then the BP is low and, when it is narrow, it means the BP high.

Automatic devices: For the automatic BP measurement monitors, there is no need for any particular place and extra time. With the automatic devices, the readings can be taken instantly by putting the cuff around the upper arm and on the single button on the machine. Once the cuff gets tight, the measurement readings will be shown automatically on the machine screen. The benefit of these automatic machines is that these machines can record and store the data of the last few readings so that people can find the differences in the readings every time. It is a time-saving process, and the machines are also durable. But, the automatic digital gadgets may not show the accurate readings as of the sphygmomanometer.

Which type of BP machine is good for you?

In recent times if a person needs a BP machine for regular use, it is advisable to buy the digital BP machine as it is budget-friendly and can give an instant reading. Though it may not show an accurate reading, it is the best device for daily use. Not all the devices but, some branded devices give accurate results in the automatic digital devices. For bedridden patients, the digital BP machines are of much use, as they are easy to carry compared to the sphygmomanometer, budget-friendly and provide instant readings.

What should you expect while buying a BP machine?

You must be sure if the BP machine is working properly after every use.One must make sure that the cuff is fitting exactly around the circumference of the arm or the wrist.If the cuff size is wrong, then the reading may fall inaccurate.

Don’t be under the false assumption that the expensive BP machine will only show the accurate reading. There are some budget-friendly devices as well that record the measurement readings more accurately than the expensive machines. Look for the accuracy but not for the price.
Choosing an automatic digital machine will be helpful than a traditional device.
The digital readout screen must be wide and clear for one to read the measurement readings.

How to use the digital blood pressure monitor?

  • Before checking the blood pressure, one must wait for 30 min after taking their food.
  • The test must be taken with an empty bladder.
  • Before taking the readings, sit in a comfortable position and rest your back on the wall or some support.
  • Stretch your left arm up to your heart and place it on the table
  • Wrap the cuff around your arm by putting one finger between the arm and the cuff. Remove the finger once after the cuff is tied.
  • The bottom edge of the cuff must be 1 inch above your elbow.
  • Now tap the button on the machine and wait until the cuff gets tight around your arm.
  • Immediately after the cuff gets loose again, the machine shows your BP readings.

Short Recap of Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2022


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