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7 Best Dumbbells For Home Gym in India

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Working out is the key factor to staying healthy, no matter how long or how many hours you take to run at the end you have to workout to stay fit. People used to hit the gym, so that they can do weights for different sections of the body and have the trainer to focus on them. But unfortunately the entire world was locked inside the house as the pandemic hit each and every state leading to fear of stepping out. Hitting the gym scares people, so why miss working out when you can bring the gym home? After taking numerous studies and research of gym freaks, fitness trainers, and personal gym trainers; we have gathered the necessary information for the best gym set for the house. Dumbbells have a lot of pros and simultaneously cons too, but it helps to reduce the fat in the body and increases the core strength. So, here’s the best dumbbell brand in india to avoid time investment on searching or looking out for reviews, as we provide honest reviews, pros & cons, product details, and so on.  

7 Best Dumbbell Brands In India To Purchase Online

1. Bodystation Bouncer Dumbbells

Best Lifting dumbbell

  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round 
  • Rode material: Steel 
  • Weight: 5kg-35kg
  • Item Dimensions: 5 inches, 5kg * 2 dumbbells
  • Brand: Bodystation 
  • Battery Included: No
  • Designed for: Gym

Product details

  •  Material: Rubber material when working out can give good grip from any slip of the dumbbells. It also avoids the sticky feeling of the sweat, and avoids a lot of scratches or cracks. 
  • Weight: It is important to have the right weight for the body workouts by building core strength. To avoid any kind of injury to the body, the weight should be suitable to the body type.
  • Impact: Though the dumbbell looks small, the weight of the dumbbells gives a lot of impact to every size, shape or type of body.  
  • Diameter: This might sound strange, but the diameter of the dumbbell is essential. The perfect diameter is 1-1.4 of the weight. 
  • Handles: The handle of the weight is important as the results are dependent on the handles, if the weight of each dumbbell varies then the outcome would be different. 
  • Storage: The dumbbells don’t need a huge space in the house, they definitely need a place to be rust-free and easy to clean. 

Editors View

The product is really satisfactory as it is weighted up by twenty kilos and also most of the professionals prefer using this weight because it gives him more impact than the other weights. 

2. RUBX Rubber coated dumbbells

Best beginner dumbbell

  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Hexagon
  • Rode material: Steel
  • Weight: 10kgs
  • Item Dimensions (L*W*H): 30cm*24cm*12cm 
  • Brand: RUBX
  • Designed for: Gym and home gym.

Product details

  • Design is peculiar: The design given by the company is Unique and completely different. It helps during the workout to improve efficiency and performance. 
  • Quality: The Quality of the dumbbell is high, the virgin rubber helps in preventing slippery of the weights and also enhances the grip to avoid any kind of injury. 
  • Efficiency: RUBX gyming products are convenient and easy to maintain. It doesn’t give in any noise or wear out that easily. It is safe and easy to use.
  • Style: The colour of the product is eye-catching to every gum lover.  It has classy black with the shiny steel rod material for the grip during the workout. 
  • Handgrip: The dumbbell is easy to handle and has the balance of the weight used by each level of user. It helps in better grip of the palm. 

Editors View

Personally I think the product is delivered on or before the time given. The product is satisfactory as the weight of the dumbbell is accurate and the material provided is perfect. Sometimes, there is a confusion between RUBX and other brands but finally purchasing this made my decision the right one. 

3. Cockatoo rubber-coated Round Dumbbells

Best damage free dumbbell

  • Material: Rubber 
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Rode Material: Steel
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Item dimensions (L*W*H): 40cm*30cm*30cm
  • Brand: Cockatoo
  • Designed for: Gym and House gym Check out here for home gym sets

Product Features

  • Durability: It is an advantage of the user as the quality of the premium material ensures longer durability. The advantage for the gymmer is the decay is ruled out. 
  • The perfect Grip: The grip which is non slippery especially while having an intense work or core strengthening; people sweat more. So, the grip is required to be more firm to avoid any injury. 
  • Best Used: The weight set can also be used at home and not only at the gym. It is an excellent option for people who are comfortable to workout from home rather than at the gym. 
  • Logo: The logo which is by COCKATOO means that the server assures the buyer to get the best quality of the product without worrying about its default or any drawbacks. 
  • Single Mould: The product is being made from a single mould and that is it’s speciality. It provides assurance to users to have a safe and stress free workout. 
  • Most Important: The essential part of the workout is that anyone working out would like to have great handgrip and no injuries to be caused during the session and this weight provides that feature. 

Editors View

As soon as the package arrived, I was really impressed with the packing of the weights. Often, I get confused with the dumbbell weights but it turns out to be the perfect one that I have placed an order for. It has a fantastic, classic yet a perfect look. Worth purchasing. 

4. Technix Pro series Dumbbell

Best durable dumbbell

  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black 
  • Shape: Round
  • Rode Material: Steel 
  • Weight: 25kgs
  • Item dimensions(L*W*H): 27.5cm*16cm*16cm
  • Brand: Technix
  • Designed for: Gym

Product Features

  • Quality: The quality of the dumbbell is pretty good and serves the best to most of the users and also satisfies them with the product being delivered. 
  • Colour: The colour of the dumbbell is elegant and has a finishing touch to the weight. It is not just an ordinary nor a fade away colour but it keeps the state of the colour. 
  • Resistance: The dumbbell provides good resistance and doesn’t harm the floor once it has fallen down. It is safe and secured to use. 
  • Erogocially: It is essential for the gym user to have the great grip to avoid hitting someone while doing any kind of core work out. 
  • Efficiency: The product gives the best to people who aren’t able to afford it and also gives more benefits to them and gives them best. 

Editors View

Like the other dumbbells, I am not entirely satisfied with the pair of dumbbells. The dumbbell material is pure steel and it is not as shown in the image on Amazon. The quality of chrome is pretty good, and gives a polished look. As per the weight mentioned it is good. 

5. Kliflift Rubber Dumbbells

Best  HIIT dumbbell

  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 5 kgs
  • Rode Material: 5 kgs
  • Item dimensions (L*W*H): 12.5cm*13.9cm*13.9cm
  • Brand: Kliflift 
  • Designed for: Fitness, gym.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty: The coated material of the dumbbell is heavy duty and has the iron cast on it. It is beneficial not just for home workouts but also for commercial workout. 
  • Huge Impact: It has a huge impact as it is made from the highly durable iron cast which wouldn’t break even at the worst drop of the dumbbell. 
  • Perfect Edges: The dumbbell has smooth and perfect finishing at the edges without having to harm anybody while sweating out. Sharpless and heavier edges. 
  • Handles Grip: The grip is handled well, as it provides the perfect comfort while working out. It ensures no issues with the texture of the dumbbell. 
  • Rubber Coating for protection: The black rubber wrapped covering adds sturdiness, protects the surface, improves the look, lowers noise, and is washable.
  • HIIT: It is best for HIIT workout as well as core workout. It gives a huge impact to all the bodybuilders who do full body workout. 

Editors View

The product is the same as described, there is nothing to be worried about the weights; we can blindly trust the quality and purchase it and at its worth cost. The durability is long and the material given for it is perfect.  The product delivery is also sooner than expected.  

6. Neoprene Dumbbells

Best grip dumbbell

best dumbbell brand in india
  • Material: Neoprene 
  • Colour: Navy Blue (Depending on the lbs taken.) 
  • Shape: Hexagon 
  • Rode material: Neoprene 
  • Weight: 10kgs
  • Item Dimensions (L*W*H): 22.1cm*8.9cm*20.1cm
  • Brand: Amazon basics
  • Designed for: Fitness, gym and home gym

Product details

  • Colour code: Each of the dumbbells being chosen, the colour varies with each lbs. It also gives a secure grip over the weight. Easy identification of weight. 
  • Style: The given style is a hexagonal shape. It is perfect while working out especially when people keep the weight aside for a while, it doesn’t roll away. 
  • Beginners: It is best for beginners as the weight of the colour varies, the beginner can start slowly with a smaller one and eventually get to the heavier and bigger weight. 
  • Excitement: Just like kids, even many enthusiasts get excited while seeing the colours of the dumbbell and also wish to get to the highest weight. 
  • Burning calories: The user always aims for “No pain, no Gain”, atleast to get to that aim many of them burn calories and tone muscles and this helps for beginners and professionals too. 
  • Resistance: It adds resistance to the workout and makes energy levels increase, protects the health and definitely it is a boon for everyone. 

Editors View

The best thing I liked about this weight is that we can differentiate the dumbbell color based on the weights given. It’s not just an ordinary dumbbell with steel and black color, but adds a dash of colors while working out. It has a rubber coat which gives a perfect grip while sweating. 

7. Kore DM- HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells kits

Best fade free dumbbell

  • Material: OthersBodystation Bouncer Dumbbell
  • Colour: Black
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Rode weight: 1 kg
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 10.7cm*21.6cm*21.8cm.
  • Brand: Kore DM HEXA
  • Designed for: Fitness, Gym and house gym.

Product details

  • Budget friendly: It is affordable and everyone can purchase it. Not much of an investment or concerns to get the best at a higher price. Worth purchasing. 
  • Longevity: The weight lasts longer at a reasonable price without giving any trouble right after the purchase. Many are satisfied with the product. Highly suggestable. 
  • Quality: No product can stand longer if the quality is bad, this dumbbell provides really good quality and also ensures no scratch nor any kind of damage. 
  •  Maintenance: It is easy to maintain as the dumbbells can be useful in the house and it doesn’t require much space or any separate shelf for it. 
  • Rigid Handle: The dumbbell just like the other dumbbell is having a firm grip, beneficial for every person who is into weight lifting and also for beginners. 
  • Weight Look: The weight look is really elegant and perfect for the size. Weight of the dumbbell is also accurate to the budget invested and the weight is also decent. 

Editors View

This is the best dumbbell for a home gym in India especially for beginners. As a beginner I wasn’t a fan of fitness but this weight set has helped me slowly get used to dumbbells and eventually I started lifting heavy weights. Budget friendly and definitely worth purchasing. It is the best dumbbell set brand in India. 

What Is Dumbbells? 

Well, dumbbells are gym equipment for losing fat weight and also for Muscle gain. The range of intensity equipment available in a locker room might be daunting at times. Some women are unaware that most health, collaboration, and heavy resistance equipment is tailored toward various goals and degrees of strength training, integration, and cardiovascular endurance. Dumbbells might be dangerous for beginners. You might badly damage your core muscles if you don’t use appropriate form and method. Whereas a dumbbell workout engages a vast number of muscles, the chance of pain is higher. However, by properly preparing the body, you may greatly minimise the chance of damage. Get the best dumbbells for home gym India. 

What To Look For In Dumbbells? 

  • Fixed Dumbbells (DB’s):

These are the standard dumbbells that everyone is familiar with if they’ve ever visited a professional gym. There is no way to adjust the weight on a fixed dumbbell since the grip and weight are bonded together. You’ll need a separate set of DBs if you wish to utilise a bigger composition. These are straightforward and effective. They are also highly robust due to the permanent structure. If you drop one of those on the floor several times, nothing will happen. To have your gym have the latest best dumbbells in India, visit amazon store. 

  • Adjustable:

Flexible DBs are weight-adjustable, as the name implies. One can vary the weights in a relevant interval without having to pick up another set of dumbbells. It means you won’t need 15-20 pairs of shoes strewn about your gym. It’s an excellent space saver that’s required in certain tiny home workouts. There’s a tremendous difference between 10-15 sets of dumbbells and one pair of large ones. The screwed collar adjustable dumbbells will be known to many individuals. 

  • The threaded strap type is the least expensive to stock your home gym with an entire suite of dumbbells. For less than a few thousand, you can get a set of dumbbells that range from 5 to three lbs each side. The disadvantage of this kind is that changing weights takes a lengthy time. Honestly, I’ve found them to be unsettling to use. 
  • The adjustable enduring dumbbells are considerably finer machineries. Since you simply flip a dial, changing the weights is a breeze. It is more costly, but they are around the same amount as a full set of fixed dumbbells.
  • Return the weights to the rack in a safe manner. Don’t merely lean over with stiff knees and put the dumbbells, barbells, or weight plates back on the rack after you’re done with them. Before releasing the weights, bend your knees, draw in your stomach muscles, and hold them tight to your torso.
  • When lifting a weight from the rack, use an effective place. Always lean from your knees, avoid the hips movement while lifting a weight or dumbbell off a shelf or a weight plate from a load tree, come near to the rack, and maintain your arms bent.

How To Use The Dumbbells?

People prefer gymming under the guidance of a professional trainer because to avoid any such pains from the wrong posture. But now due to the pandemic, no gyms are open, so how can people get guidance on how to lift the weight? Simple! Many have taken online classes or are having online consultations. People can clarify the doubts and also focus on the poster being made while doing any workouts. A slight change in the posture can bring soreness to that area of the body.

Benefits Of Using Dumbbells For Workouts

  • Mechanic and Metabolism: Mechanic overload occurs when muscular contractions produce injury, which promotes the healing process and results in increase in muscle development. Metabolic eccentric contraction when a muscle is overworked to the point of exhaustion, causing muscle fibers to acclimatize and be necessary to load more carbohydrates, causing muscles to grow in size.
  • Focus one at a time: Dumbbells let the practitioner concentrate on one leg or arm at a time, which is an approach to start gaining strength by overloading heavily.
  • Muscle Strength Stimulation and Flexibility: Dumbbells need more stability. As a result, seeing an international chest press with pretzel hands is quite unusual. With dumbbells, additional stability is required, which activates more muscle cells.
  • Other Ways to Make Your Gym sessions More Intense: Dumbbell workout is the only place where you may use the stand and run approach. With solitary deadlift training, measurable parameters approaches are almost always ignored by default; however, this is not the case with dumbbells.

Greater Mobility: When chest lifting with weight, your shoulders and wrists are locked in place and only move through some kind of tight muscles. Dumbbell pushes, on the other hand, allows the motion to be somewhat altered and the shoulders to freely move.


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