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9 Best Fitness Trackers in India [Updated 2022]

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We have prepared a list of the best trackers in India. Mi is the best fitness band in India. Apart from Mi we many other brands manufacture good fitness watches. We have prepared a list of the best fitness tracker in India. There are numerous options available in the market so it will be a challenging task for you to pick one. 

To make your task easier we have surveyed people, checked numerous e-commerce sites and customer reviews. After that, we analysed the pros and cons of each product and made the final list. 

We have explored many e-commerce sites and listed the best fitness tracker and best fitness smartwatch. The products that are mentioned in the below list are the best fitness trackers in India. A few of the brands are already well known in the market and there are a few new brands that most of them are not aware of. 

9 best fitness trackers in India to buy online

1. Mi Smart Band 5

Best fitness tracker for women

  • Brand – Mi 
  • Colour – Black 
  • Product Weight – 12 g 
  • Product Dimension – 4.7 cm x 1.9 cm x 1.2 cm
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – No
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium-Ion
  • Country Origin – China

Product Features

  • 11 workout modes – This product can track 11 professional sports. It includes yoga, rope skipping, swimming, power walking, treadmill, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, elliptical machine and many more.
  • 24-hour heart rate and sleep monitoring – This product tracks and records the heart rate throughout the day. It can record your sleep time, power naps, and rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep).
  • Keep track of your stress level – This product will record and track the stress levels of an individual. On the Mi app, it will show a couple of breathing exercises to ease out stress.
  • All-new women’s health tracking – This fitness tracker will record the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases. This is a very useful product because it gives useful reminders beforehand. 
  • Everything on one screen – All the details are displayed on the screen. It has a large 2.79 cm screen which is around 1.1 inches. It has a full touch AMOLED display.
  • Magnetic charging – It uses a lithium-ion battery. On a single charge, it can work for two weeks and on the power-saving mode, it can work for three weeks on a single charge. 

Editors Review 

My sister has been using this watch for the past 10 months and to date, there were no complaints against it and she always says Mi’s fitness band is the best fitness band in India. It is moderately priced so I think people can try this fitness band. I especially recommend women to go for this watch.

2. OnePlus Smart Band

Best Chinese fitness tracker

  • Brand – OnePlus
  • Colour – Black
  • Product Weight – 23 grams
  • Product Dimension – 25.7 cm x 2.1 cm x 1.2 cm
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition – 1 lithium polyester battery
  • Country Origin – China

Product Features

  • Freedom to freestyle – This product comes in three different colours so people can choose as per their style. This will suit the formal look, casual look and cool look.
  • New style every day – This product has a vibrant new 1.1-inch AMOLED display. It will bring brighter colours every day and give a new look. People can change the UI wallpaper.
  • 13 workout modes – This product can monitor and record data while playing 13 different modes. It includes yoga, cricket, swimming, jogging, cycling, elliptical machines, rowing and many more.
  • Sleep recorded – In the app, people can check their sleep quality as the watch can track the light and deep sleep. Through the report, people can improve their sleep quality. 
  • Monitor oxygen levels – This is your secret guardian. Through the LED sensors that are present in this watch, it can monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels. 
  • Waterproof – It was rated 5ATM and IP68. This is water-resistant up to 50m. It can last for 10 minutes. People can explore water sports with this.

Editors Review 

After looking at the features I feel like this is the best fitness tracker that is manufactured in China. From my perspective, this is also the best fitness watch that comes with a water-resistant feature. OnePlus users and everyone will love this product.

3. Fastrack reflex 3.0 Uni-sex activity tracker 

Best Indian fitness tracker

  • Brand – Fastrack
  • Colour – Black and Blue
  • Product Weight – 24 grams
  • Product dimensions – 14 cm x 7 cm x 10 cm
  • Band Material – Silicone
  • Case Material – Polycarbonate
  • Case type – Rectangular 
  • Country Origin – India

Product Features

  • 10 sport modes -This fitness tracker watch can record the data while playing 10 different sports. It includes cycling, gyming, walking, jogging, brisk walking, elliptical machines and many more.  
  • Different wallpapers – There are numerous UI wallpapers available on this fitness tracker. People can change the wallpaper as per their mood and choice.
  • Sleep tracker – This product can track an individual’s sleep. With the recorded data an individual can correct their sleep pattern and get a night of high-quality sleep. 
  • Water-resistant – This fitness band is an IP68 certified product. This product can be used while swimming and performing numerous water sports and activities.
  • Leaderboard – On the Fastrack app, people can join squads and make it to the top of the leaderboard. This will keep an individual motivated and always stay active.
  • Notification alerts – With this smartwatch people can stay updated as they can see all the app notifications on their smartwatch. They will not miss out on any important notifications.

Editors Review 

Fastrack is a Tata group’s sub-brand. I think we all can trust Tata products and even their maintenance is not that expensive. There are a couple of premium watch brands under the Tata group. Fastrack is not an expensive brand and their watches are really good.

4. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness

Best sport fitness tracker

  • Brand – GOQii 
  • Colour – Black 
  • Product Weight – 180 grams 
  • Product Dimension – 23.7 cm x 3.3 cm x 1.1 cm 
  • Screen Size – 1.3 inches
  • Material Type – Polyester 
  • Country Origin – India

Product Features

  • Monitor SP02 Levels – With this product, you can stay ahead by monitoring the blood oxygen levels. With this people can be aware of the changes that take place in their bodies.
  • Measure body temperature – This fitness watch comes with a sensor that can measure the body temperature. It is important to record the data so that they can monitor an individual’s health.   
  • Real Heart Rate Monitoring – This product will monitor the heart rate throughout the day. They monitor the heart rate and utilize AI-driven algorithms for high-precision readings. 
  • 18 exercises mode – This fitness tracker can be used while playing 18 different sports. They can keep a count of calories burnt and all the required data to accomplish their fitness goals.
  • Personalized watch faces – This watch has many UI wallpaper options. People can pick one as per the occasion and as per their choice. So this can suit all the occasions.   
  • 1’3 inch colour display – This product has a 1’3 inch large colour touchscreen. It comes with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. This will deliver a high-quality image.
  • Music and phone finder – People can work out freely as they can operate the music system from their smartwatch. They can also find their phone with in-built tracking technology.

Editors Review 

I personally like all the features of this product. I did not find any drawbacks. I will recommend this product to sports lovers as this product can record data while performing 18 different sports. I even liked the numerous UI wallpapers that it offers.

5. Mi Smart Band 4 0.94-inch AMOLED Color Display

Best water resistant fitness watch

best fitness tracker watch
  • Brand – Mi
  • Colour – Black
  • Product Weight – 35 grams
  • Product Dimension – 4.7 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.3 cm
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer
  • Country Origin – China

Product Features

  • Water Resistant – People can take this band for swimming with this sturdy 5ATM waterproof band. It can automatically detect an individual’s swimming style and record the data.  
  • Long Battery Life – This product will run up to 20 days on a single charge. With the extended battery life, people will not have to change frequently.
  • Heart Monitoring – This product will record and monitor the heart rate 24/7. It will also record the calories burned in the day. 
  • Smarter Music Controls – People can easily control their music from the watch, this will make it easy during a gym session. They can change the songs without stopping their workout.
  • Unlimited Watch Faces – This smart band comes with many pre-installed unlimited watch faces. People will also have an option to put up their own pictures. 
  • Track Multiple Activities – With this product, people can monitor and record data during numerous activities such as running, cycling, treadmill, walking, swimming, cricket and a few more.  

Editors Review 

This is the best fitness watch that comes with a water-resistant feature. I feel this product is reasonably priced. It also comes with numerous features which make this the best fitness tracker watch. This product can monitor and record data while performing numerous activities. 

Check out our guides to the best fit band for men and fit band for women for more brand-specific buying advice.

6. Redmi Smart Band 

Best premium product

  • Brand – Redmi 
  • Colour – Black 
  • Product Weight – 13 grams
  • Product Dimension – 5.9 cm x 2.1 cm x 1.7 cm
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polyester  
  • Country Origin – China 

Product Features

  • Battery – At a single charge this product will run approximately for 14 days. People do not have to charge their fitness smartwatches on a regular basis.
  • Activity Tracking – This smartwatch will record each and every activity. It will calculate the number of calories burned, the number of steps and the number of hours slept. 
  • Multi-Sports Mode – This fitness smartwatch can be used while playing numerous sports, it includes outdoor sports such as running, treadmill, cycling, sports, walking, swimming and a few more.
  • Real-time notifications – This fitness tracker will display all the call and message notifications on the watch. People will not have to check their phones every time.
  • Weather forecast – With this fitness band people can directly get the daily weather report on their watch. By looking at the weather report people can plan their activities.
  • USB charging – This makes the work easier, people can easily charge the watch with a USB cable, they do not require any additional charger.
  • 50 plus wallpapers – This watch comes with more than 50 in-built wallpapers so that users can change the wallpaper as per their mood and choice.

Editors Review 

I love all the features that this product offers. Weather forecast report is the most unique feature that is present in this product. I think everyone can give it a try. But, a few users say that removing the device from the strap for charging is a bit of a complicated task.

7. Fastrack reflex 2.0 Uni-sex activity tracker 

Best overall product

  • Brand – Fastrack 
  • Colour – Green 
  • Product Weight – 110 g 
  • Product Dimension – 50 mm x 24 mm x 12 mm 
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Metal 
  • Country Origin – India 

Product Features

  • Locate your phone – If you forgot where you have placed your phone then the phone finder option on this product will use GPS tracking to find the phone with a simple tap.
  • Whatsapp and SMS display – You can easily read the Whatsapp messages and SMS that you get on your phone from your watch. You do not have to check your phone every time.
  • Camera control – With this feature you can take long-range selfies and photos with the help of your watch. You can control it from the watch.
  • Water-resistant – This is a water-resistant product and it comes with the IPX6 water resistance norm. It can take up a few splashes but make sure it does not get too wet.
  • Vibrating Alarm –  This watch will vibrate when an alarm rings so that an individual can get up. This will make sure that an individual does not fall asleep again.
  • Sedentary reminder – People can turn on this reminder and make sure that they do not spend their entire time in one position. This will make their lifestyle more active.

Editors Review 

I think the above-mentioned features make it the best fitness tracker watch that is manufactured by the Tata group. I haven’t used Fastrack’s smartwatches but I have used Fastrack’s analogue watch. After that experience, I am predicting that even this product will be pretty good.

8. Shoptoshop SmartBand M4 Fitness Tracker Watch

Best Budget buy

best fitness band in india
  • Brand – Shoptoshop
  • Colour – Black 
  • Product Weight – 150 g 
  • Product Dimension – 6 cm x 6 cm x 15 cm
  • Display type – LED 
  • Battery description – Lithium-Ion Polymer 
  • Connector Type – Bluetooth 

Product Features

  • Calling and messaging – This smartwatch has a calling capacity that empowers you to accept a call and reject a call, you can likewise send and get messages 
  • Multiple sports mode – This product can be used while playing different sports. People can record the number of calories that they burnt, the heart rate and a few more. 
  • Blood pressure management – They have used g-sensor technology to monitor the blood pressure levels of an individual. This will help the individual to monitor blood pressure levels.
  • Sleep monitor – This product will record the sleep schedule. With the data, an individual can reflect on it and make changes in their sleep schedule.
  • Instant notifications – This watch will display instant messages on the screen and it will make sure that people will not miss out on any important events. 
  • GPS function – This product has a GPS function. People can turn on sports mode and GPS function to track their running activity and calories they burn.

Editors Review 

On this list, I think this is the least known brand but it took place due to its features and quality. This is the best fitness smartwatch in this price range. This is an emerging product. Apart from this, all the other brands on the list are big and well-reputed brands.

9. OPPO Smart Band with Extra Sport Strap

Best fat burn fitness watch

  • Brand – Oppo 
  • Colour – Black 
  • Product Weight – 10 g 
  • Product Dimension – 4.1 cm x 1.8 cm x 1.1 cm 
  • Batteries Included – Yes
  • Batteries Required – Yes
  • Battery Cell Composition – Lithium Polymer 
  • Country Origin – China 

Product Features

  • Fat burn mode – This product comes with a fat burn mode. This fitness tracker will guide the individual depending on his or her heart rate.
  • 12 workout mode – People can carry on with their activity with this watch as it can record data while performing 12 different activities such as cycling, walking, jogging and a few more.
  • Amoled Screen – This smartwatch has a curved and scratch-resistant screen. It is 2.79 cm long which is nearly 1.1 inches.
  • SpO2 monitoring – This product can track the oxygen levels in the user’s blood. With this, the individual can keep track of the data and use it when required.
  • Notifications – People can enjoy extra freedom with the phone-linked features, as the watch displays messages, weather reports and people can even operate the music.
  • Camera control – People can remotely control the camera in the phone and click pictures from the fitness watch. This can make their work easier.  
  • Water Resistant – People can use this watch while swimming as this is a water-resistant product and it has a 50-meter water resistance level.

Editors Review 

This is a well-known brand when it comes to mobile phones. They have been into smartwatches for a while but I feel that they haven’t got the recognition that they should. Anyways they are slowly growing nowadays in this field. I also feel people can misuse the camera control feature that this product offers.

What is a fitness tracker? 

Numerous Indians, nowadays, go through fitness watches to keep with their wellbeing and wellness. A wellness tracker is a gadget that utilizes sensors to follow your movement and rotation. The gadget gathers information and converts it into steps, calories, rest quality and general exercises that an individual performs for the day. 

A few trackers even have a sensor called ‘altimeter’ that estimates the elevation, in this manner following the number of stairways an individual has climbed. A wellness tracker can undoubtedly figure out whether you are turning around or running. The alert in the tracker helps you to remember things like drinking sufficient water, strolling, finishing the number of steps, resting at the ideal opportunity and considerably more.

What to look for in a fitness tracker? 

Here are a couple of things to look for while purchasing a fitness tracker: – 

  • Reliability and ease of use – It is important to know how reliable a product is. 

A couple of products that are available in the market are not reliable and they are also very hard to use. The above mentioned are very reliable products and it is easy to use them. A couple of products are very complicated to use and understand. People will not want to utilize a product that has a complex framework. 

  • Viable Technology – A fitness tracker will have programming software that is just viable with explicit applications and gadgets. This means you may truly like a particular application however the new wellness tracker does not have the ability to move information to it. In the event that you have a particular application, telephone model or working framework that you love to utilize every day, ensure the wellness tracker you are thinking about will work with that specific application or framework. 
  • Cost – A fitness tracker will have a wide value range. Knowing the financial plan before you stroll into a store is vital since the entirety of the extravagant accessories can be enticing when you are searching for one product. Additionally make sure to search for occasion deals, and ask the business partner when the more current model is coming out. When the more current model comes out, you could score a genuine rebate on the more established model. Try not to be hesitant to shop in the store (to contact/ experience/ view the tracker) yet then, at that point search around online for the best option. Frequently all that costs are available at your fingertips.

How to use a fitness tracker? 

Using it is not a complicated process, people will just have to wear the fitness tracker on their wrist and they also have to connect it to their mobile phones through a Bluetooth network. All the data which is collected by the fitness tracker will get stored in the app. People can use the stored data to design their fitness plans to accomplish their fitness objectives and take care of their health


  • Monitor the progress – With a fitness tracker, people need to stay aware of their fitness objectives. This is on the grounds that an ordinary reminder supports your inspiration levels. A wellness tracker allows you to record your activity measurements. It produces itemized information illustrations and reports so you can see how far you have achieved. 
  • Helps in defining reachable objectives – To accomplish the best outcomes, an individual should define a sensible objective that can be accomplished. People can not shed weight on the off chance that they have a stationary existence and don’t work out. Nonetheless, in the event that you utilize a wellness tracker, it will help you layout and accomplish practical objectives within the suggested period. It likewise ensures that you don’t stop halfway. 
  • Checking your wellbeing – Enjoy self-care and track your wellness levels. A wellness tracker allows an individual to watch and record their pulse, every day consumed calories and step checks. Self-following permits an individual to adhere to a better eating regimen, add intensity to the workout and rest better.

Short Recap of Best Fitness Trackers 2022


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