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5 Best Foldable Cycles In India For Your Convenience [Updated 2022]

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The deep thrill of daring bicycle rides across stunning countryside vistas is unrivalled. It provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit unexplored exotic locations while taking in the fantastic natural beauty.

The incredible mobility of a foldable cycle allows you to travel places you would never consider going otherwise. It is packed and carried with your luggage on the roof of your car when on vacation or any outdoor trip.

You miss the sensations of fresh air in your hair and arms that you get from bicycle rides while speeding along on a smooth roadway. Best foldable cycles in India allows you to ride your bike nearly anyplace, even steep terrain or rugged terrain.

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Top 5 Foldable Bicycle In India| Product Review

1. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Folding Electric Bike

best foldable cycles in india
  • Brand: Swagtron
  • Dimensions: 170.2 x 66.8 x 113 Centimeters
  • Weight: 19 kg 200 g
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Suspension: Rare
  • Price: 71,000
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Frame Material: Aluminium

Product Features:

  • Ride Your Way – The Swagcycle EB7 Elite is a hybrid between a regular bike and an electric power bike, with 16-inch wheels and three riding modes: throttle-only, pedal-only, or power-assisted pedal-to-go. More than simply another battery-powered bicycle. 
  • Extended Mileage – Capable of travelling up to 15.5 miles on a single charge, with a robust 350W motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 18.6 mph on the throttle alone. The Swagcycle Elite electric road bike is designed to last a lifetime. Ride like a pedal-assist bike to go further and quicker.
  • Removable Battery — The swappable 36V Li-ion battery on the motorised bike may be fully recharged in 3-4 hours. Get an additional battery (available separately) and have it on hand in case you need it. A key-secured container keeps the battery secure and safe from dust and water splashes.
  • Rugged, Smooth, and Stable — With an IPX4 rating and sophisticated rear suspension, this electric commuter bike easily tackles outdoor rides and rough pavement. The battery-powered bike has dual-disc brakes and unique “Autoguard” braking technology for dependable stopping power.

Editor’s Review:

This is an expensive bike but has the features to show for it. It comes with many exquisite features which one will not get in a standard foldable bike. If one is on a budget, this is the one to go for.

2. Swagtron EB-8 T Fat Tire Foldable Off-Road

  • Brand: Swagtron
  • Dimensions: 170.2 x 66.8 x 113 Centimeters
  • Weight: 25 kg 500 g
  • Brake Type: Cantilever
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Price: 71,000
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Frame Material: Aluminium

Product Features: 

  • Premium-quality construction: The EB-8 is built to last, with a bolstered aluminium frame and complete suspension system capable of handling riders weighing up to 120 kg.
  •  Three riding modes: Ride the way you want to ride; choose among throttle-only, pedal-to-go, and pedal-only modes. 
  • Fat tyres: Durable 4-inch rubber fat tyres mounted on 20-inch wheels provide more excellent traction over rough, loose, and uneven terrain.
  • Motor: A strong 350w motor provides steady throttle power and adequate torque to handle steep slopes.

Editor’s Point:

3. R Cycles Foldable Adventure Sports MTB Cycle

  • Brand: R cycles
  • Dimensions: 137 x 18 x 68 Centimeters
  • Weight: 19 kg 
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Suspension: Front
  • Price: 13,999
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Frame Material: Steel

Product features:

Build Quality: it is made of high carbon stell fibre which makes it more durable and robust so one does not have to worry about taking it into rugged terrain.

Safety: the dual disc brakes makes it a safer ride and gives confidence to the rider to use it fearlessly. Also the magnesium tyres help it to get a better grip on the road or on terrain.

Gears: the shimano 21 gear combinations makes this  bicycle more versatile as one can choose to ride it however they want and are not restricted by a single mode.

Additional Features: the bottle holder and mid guard are a nice addition to ais the ride. The rider can keep themselves hydrated and mud prevent the bike from getting dirty.

Suspension; the hydraulic suspension makes the rider’s experience even more comfortable and peaceful. They do not have to worry about potholes or damps in the road or unsmooth terrain to ride comfortably.

Editor’s Point:

This bicycle is deal for both mountain and road due to its versatile features. Its price is also jsutified for everything that is is providing to the consumer. The  brand is also very reputed which makes it even better.


  • Brand: MDS
  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30 Centimeters
  • Weight: 18 kg 600 g
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Suspension: Rear
  • Price: 9,999
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Frame Material: Aluminium

Product Features:

Warranty: it comes with a two-year warranty in which is very beneficial for the user as cycles are for rough use, and spending thousands on repairs can result in a pinch to the pocket quite often.

Gears: the 21 gear combination allows the rider to take this bicycle to rugged terrains and ride them on smooth ones. They provide a lot of options and combinations, which is good value for money.

Foldable: lightweight, small and yet offers features that many bikes do not. It is very convenient to put it in the back of the car and take it wherever one feels to ride it without hassles or problems.

Budget-Friendly: the price point is very affordable for the foldable cycle with this many features and has excellent build quality despite its affordable price.

Tyres: the semi-fat tyres make it ideal for road and rugged terrain, so one does not have to worry about changing tyres whenever they plan to go to either of the regions.

Editor’s Point:

this is a very affordable bicycle with a lot of features. Also, the warranty makes it more ideal and pleasing for the buyer. Value for money backed by an excellent brand is what a rational buyer looks for in a product.

5. Confiance Trade Cycle Mountain Bike

  • Brand: Generic
  • Dimensions: 163 x 23 x 87 Centimeters
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Suspension: Dual
  • Price: 14,999
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Frame Material: Aluminium

Product Features:

Lightweight, rustproof aluminium alloy: Aluminium alloy frame that is lightweight and rustproof. The frame comes with a two-year warranty. Double coat paint that is dustproof and UV resistant, a high-quality front shock absorber, and twin disc brakes improve responsiveness.

 Stylish design: Stylish, athletic style in sophisticated cobalt blue with orange accents throughout the frame will turn attention. Long-distance travel requires a comfortable seat. Superior grip 2.10 Kenda tyres for friction control, ergonomically adjusted seat-to-handle distance for enhanced posture and back support. 

 Quick assembly: Unlike the industry standard of 80% completed bicycles, it arrives at your home in a 95 per cent assembled form. All that remains is attaching the pedals, positioning the handlebars, and securing a Quick Release Wheel.

Editor’s Point

It is a very stylish foldable cycle and also has the features to justify its price range. It can be assembled easily as well which makes it more mobile. It also has additional safety and comfort which is beneficial for the rider.

What are foldable Cycles?

Foldable bicycles, often known as folders, are simply bicycles that can be folded down to a smaller and more compact size.

The folding mechanism, which allows it to collapse quickly and return to its original form when necessary, is the defining feature.

The innovative shape is intended to make it simpler to travel, store, or fit in tiny areas where a standard-size bike cannot.

In most cases, when folded, the wheels will be side by side, while the seat post and grips may be telescopic and therefore retractable. The bike may be folded and unfolded in as little as 30 seconds.

Nonetheless, collapse styles differ based on the model, manufacturer, and usage kind. This implies that a folder bike can be a road, mountain, commuter, or cruiser bike. Of fact, while the folds may change the original feature, the riding experience remains essentially the same.

You may carry portable bicycles on trips and enjoy cycling wherever you go. Safety is essential when cycling, so make sure you have a helmet and cycling gloves with you.

Check out our guides to the Best Single Speed Cycle in India for more brand-specific buying advice.

What to look for when buying foldable cycles?

Folded Dimensions: Many individuals use folders because they need to conserve space while storing or transporting items. As a result, the overall dimensions of the unit when tucked should be a significant decision-influencing aspect.

For example, if you want to carry the bike on vacation overseas, you may need to check that the folded size meets typical cabin entrance criteria.

The same is true for public transportation, such as trains and buses. Typically, the wheel diameter is the most crucial factor of the total size.

Weight and Stability:

If you need to transport the bike from one location to another, a lightweight model is recommended. The sort of material utilised to construct the frame comes to the fore at this stage. Whatever it is, make sure the entire weight is reasonable, whether you’re going upstairs or hoisting the train or bus bike.

Even so, don’t sacrifice stability for weight savings because a lightweight bike that isn’t robust enough might be unstable and difficult to steer. A value choice should be able to support your weight without succumbing to strain.

Where to use: It makes no sense to acquire a folder with some of the most outstanding features but not meet your demands. As a rule of thumb, every component and decision point should be consistent with how you want to use the cycle.

If you need a model for off-road adventures and are comparing different models, the same should be true for a folding bike designed for commuting or urban leisure trips.

Benefits Of A Foldable Bicycle

Their low weight distinguishes foldable bicycles. When combined with their reduced size when tucked together, it makes them easier to transport.

Even if you’re taking public transportation, you can bring them because they fit in standard luggage compartments. A folder is small enough to fit in a car trunk or inside. So, whether you have to carry it yourself or use another method, mobility is not an issue.

Most foldable bikes are built to be more durable. When folded further, their compact form leads to a longer lifespan in usage. As a result, the requirement for maintenance will be reduced.

You don’t have to leave them outside, which may expose you to theft because they’re foldable. Because you can fold and unfurl in a matter of seconds, you can always do so while entering buildings. There is no need for big chains or locks.

Foldable cycles have expanded the range of what you can achieve. You may use the same bike for commuting and adventures due to its mobility and requirement for less space.

Short Recap of Best Foldable Cycles 2022


Top 5 Foldable Cycles In India


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