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6 Best Home Gym Set in India [ Updated 2022]

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6 Best home gym set brands in India 

We all know the prevailing covid pandemic has changed the way of many activities we do normally. For example, instead of going to the office and working these days people completely choose or are advised to work from their homes.

Likewise working out and exercising at home are becoming normal in this pandemic. So working out at home must be motivating as well as effective to keep our body and mind fit always. Best Home gym set india are affordable compared to the fancy gym memberships we spend on. Home gyms help us in saving our travel time and also our energy. 

I have listed the six best home gym sets with specifications, pros and cons for each of the sets to analyse and buy according to the requirements of every user. The below-mentioned points give an overview of each and every aspect to consider before buying a gym set. 

A detailed list of specifications have been given, such as weight, materials used, key features, warranty, equipment options, body parts worked out. To make it easy for the buyers to choose I have considered many brands based on the pricing, features, specifications and requirements.

6 best home gym sets to buy online

The best gym sets in India have no unwanted weight hangers and equipment. Gym sets mostly come with minimal equipment but they serve various functions. These gym sets are designed in such a way that any type of user can use them for any type of fitness goal.

1.Kamachi HG-33 Home Gym with Ab Exerciser

Best affordable home gym kit

  • Build: Strong-gauge build
  • Functionality: Multi-functional for all exercises
  • Comfort: comfortable foam leg rolls
  • Weight: 120 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: Continuous loop cable 
  • Dimensions : 152.4 x 53.3 x 17.8 Centimeters
  • Design: Perfect placed angular built 
  • Price: ₹49,999/-

Product features : 

  • Affordability: This product is a complete home gym experience for all age groups at an attractive price range without compromising on quality.
  • Style and design: This product has good styling and a sleek design with a wide range of colour options to match the interiors of the house.
  • Build quality: the material used in this product is  high-quality steel and is of great strength and durability to withstand the stress during heavy workouts.
  • Comfort: this gym set comes with good quality leg rolls and cushions which are packed and padded with polyester to workout comfortably for long hours.
  • Built angles: the various equipment fixed to the setup are perfectly placed at certain angles for accurate workouts of the desired muscle group.
  • Variety: Though the setup is sleek and looks minimal it offers a variety of options to work out all the muscle groups without any trouble. 

Editor’s Review : 

I think this is the best home gym set at this pricing because it offers all the features that are essential for a beginner as well as an intermediate, but I don’t think it’s suitable for professional bodybuilders. The sleek design makes it easy to place anywhere but cannot be moved easily considering the weight.

2.Cosco Fitness CG 600 Six Station Gym

Best selling home gym set for its features

best home gym set india
  • Build: Heavy-duty construction
  • Functionality: All in one functionality
  • Comfort: deep padded seat and headrest 
  • Weight: 356 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: Commercial Grade aircraft cables 
  • Dimensions : 3.32 x 2.44 x 2.3 Meters
  • Design: Pivot point on leg developer correctly align with knee joint for biomechanics
  • Price  : ₹1,84,965.00/-

Product features : 

  • Multifunctional design: This product is a complete set-up even for professional bodybuilders because it has the complete features of a gym and can be used for many workouts for the same muscle.
  • Heavy duty: this product can be used for heavy-duty and military workouts with the help of an 11-gauge steel frame design, aircraft cables, and high-grade construction steel. 
  • Multi Gym feature: since it is built with six separate spaces for each piece of equipment which means 6 members can work out at the same time with the help of this product.
  • Design quality: This product is designed to look more luxurious and classy hence painted with a double powder coated finish for long-lasting quality.
  • Weight stacks: Since the setup accommodates six members at a time, two separate weight stacks each of 70 kg steel weights are provided at the sides.
  • Comfort: For additional comfort and support the workout seats are provided with contoured deep padded seats and backrests for long hour workouts. 

Editor’s Review : 

Though the pricing of this gym setup is on a higher side this is an all-rounder set-up providing complete equipment for all kinds of workouts. The build quality and looks are very impressive. In my view, if you are looking for a good quality home gym set with all the features this is the best option.

3.Cosco Fitness CHG 405 4 Station Gym

Best utility home gym set for all age groups

best gym set for home india
  • Build: 4 station construction
  • Functionality: Mainly for an intense workout
  • Comfort: padded seat and headrest 
  • Weight: 416 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: no cable mechanism 
  • Dimensions : 2.1 x 2.5 x 2.2 Meters
  • Design: Special low pulley design to exercise on either side of the mainframe.
  • Price  : ₹1,38,500/-

Product features :

  • Workout feature: This set is mainly designed for intense workouts such as lat pulldown, high row, low Row, bicep, pec dec, tricep, leg press, leg curl and shoulder press.
  • Pulley design: multiple users can work out at the same time on either side of the machine due to the unique low pulley design.
  • Multi-station: this setup contains a multi-station design that can be used by a maximum of four users at the same time for intense workouts.
  • Four weight stacks: since four users can use the setup for workouts at the same time, four weight stacks containing 150 lbs each are provided.
  • No cable mechanism: due to constant wear and tear cables may become weaker so No cable is used in this setup making it a low maintenance set-up. 
  • Safety: In terms of safety this product can be considered for its built quality and also for the optional safety seat cover that is provided. 

Editor’s Review : 

This product is a blend of both affordability and features which can be used by users of all age groups. Though this home gym set is heavy and space-consuming, it has features that overshadow its cons. If you are looking for an affordable and intense workout setup this is the one for you.

4.Kobo MHG-1002 Steel Multi Home Gym

Best quality home gym kit

best home gym on a budget
  • Build: Heavy gauge steel tubing construction
  • Functionality: for all basic workouts
  • Comfort: large comfortable leg rolls with adjustable seat
  • Weight: 95 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: Continuous loop cable system
  • Dimensions : 131.5 x 71 x 201 Centimeters
  • Design: compact design 
  • Price: ₹35,000/-

Product features :

  • Assembling: This equipment is easy to assemble due to its simple design and less weight. Even a single user can assemble it without any difficulties.
  • Suitable for all ages: due to its simple and single weight stack set up this machine can be used by members of any age group without any problems.
  • Space: though this set comes with all workout options the construction is very sleek and weightless making it easier to place in rooms of any size.
  • Build quality: The machine is made up of heavy gauge and heavy-duty steel with a tubing design making it durable with high strength.
  • Functions for beginners: This set-up comes with all basic functionalities of the gym in a single piece of equipment designed for users who are new to workouts and bodybuilding. 
  • Easy usage: this machine comes with easy-open pulley locks and 54 kg weight plates set with 12 plates of 10lbs each for easy handling. 

Editor’s Review : 

If you are a beginner looking for a basic home gym set up this is the best option for you in my opinion. This setup has all the basic features and is very affordable. Though the pricing is low the manufacturers have not compromised in the quality of the materials used.

5.Viva Fitness KH-312 Multi-Use PVC, Steel Home Gym

Best design and sleek home gym kit

  • Build: Oval tubular steel frame
  • Functionality: Multiple workout options
  • Comfort: Heavy upholstery with high-density foam padding
  • Weight: 100 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: cable and pulley system
  • Dimensions: 60mm x 1.5mm oval tubular steel frame
  • Design: simple and elegant design 
  • Price: ₹38,125/-

Product features :

  • Frame: This machine is manufactured with an oval tubular steel frame making it very elegant and sleek with no compromise in quality and comfort. 
  • Compact: Though high durable materials are used in the making of this product the setup is compact and easy to keep in small rooms.
  • Workout options: this small equipment can be used for performing various workouts like tricep extension, lat pull-down, bench press, seated rowing, shoulder press, bicep curl, etc.
  • Comfort: viva brand is mainly popular for its comfort so they have used heavy upholstery with high-density foam padding for maximum comfort.
  • Materials: metal is replaced with plastic weights which are enclosed in a metal covering for protection, making them resistant for wear and tear.
  • Appearance: though the setup is cheaper in price the appearance is made to look luxurious by using a durable powder-coated finish painting. 

Editor’s Review:

This home gym product is best in terms of its price and design. This machine contains all the essential features that are needed for keeping your body fit. I would personally recommend it for users who are new to working out. Not many downsides to mention considering the price it is offered. 

6.Prime Fitness PR 601 Imported Home Gym Heavy Duty for Home use

Best low maintenance home gym kit

best home gym set
  • Build: Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Functionality: Heavy-duty multi gym machine
  • Comfort: high-density cushion and backrest
  • Weight: 95 kilograms.
  • Mechanism: Special Pulley with rope guide
  • Dimensions : 134.6 x 76.2 x 198.1 Centimeters
  • Design: Single station home gym design
  • Price: ₹43,000/-

Product features :

  • Functionality: this setup consists of heavy-duty equipment which can be used only by one user at a time. Best machine for multifunctionality gym training purposes.
  • Design: a simple yet durable design for heavy workouts in our home. Suitable for all types of users in all age groups.
  • Comfort: prime fitness brands never compromise when it comes to comfort. This product is provided with a high-density cushion and backrest for working out without any uneasiness.
  • Simple design: the equipment is made to work with the help of aircraft rated cables which are easy to maintain and service.
  • Material: most of the setup is made of plastic for example the weight stack, sears, armrests and weight covers and other components with highly durable metal tubes.
  • Pulley mechanism: the setup is made completely to work with the help of pulleys and guided ropes made of materials with high durability and strength. 

Editor’s Review:

Most people with an idea to work out at home choose simple and easy equipment in the initial stages to completely learn before investing in huge setups. So for beginners wanting to buy a compact and good quality heavy gauge home gym set up with all basic amenities, this product is the best option for them. 

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What is a home gym set?

A home gym set is a compact setup of a gym in a single machine. This setup contains a blend of all the essential equipment required for a whole body workout. when you are busy working from home and unable to travel for gyms that when a home gym comes for use. A home gym set can be assembled in a small area or a separate room in your house exclusively for workouts. 

Due to these pandemic times, home gyms are gaining popularity among people. Moreover, people are moving more towards fitness due to their sedentary lifestyle. So a home gym set is very helpful in satisfying the fitness needs of the users irrespective of their ages.

What to look for in a home gym set?

There are certain things to be looked for before investing in a home gym set. To buy the best home gym set consider the points mentioned below.

Pricing: it is always better to look for pricing if you are going to buy a home gym set for the first time because investing large amounts on a machine without proper experience becomes a dead investment. Most of the brands are making low-cost machines without compromising on quality. Choose the best product based on your requirements and budget.

Features: This is the most important thing to be noticed before buying a home gym set up because every product comes with different features allowing the users to try out a wide range of exercises based on their fitness goals. The equipment is designed for all types of users like beginners, intermediates and professionals. So based on the category you fall in, the gym setup can be chosen. 

Space: some people have separate rooms for exercising and some don’t have rooms for gym equipment. So based on the space constraint home gym sets must be selected.

Age: if you are purchasing a fitness product for all the members of the family it is better to analyse the features that are suitable for all age groups because there are certain restrictions based on age.

Comfort and design: since the home gym is placed inside our houses it is important for the set-up to look aesthetically pleasing and must go well with our home interiors. Comfort is another important factor to take into consideration since workouts can go for hours. So choosing the most comfortable and suitable design is very important.

How to use a home gym set?

Some of the points to use a home gym set are.

  • Wear a proper gym outfit, gloves and other safety accessories before starting a workout.
  • Check for wear and tear in pulleys and cables for safety 
  • For lying exercises, place your body and head the rest properly to avoid injury.
  • Sanitize the grips after using the equipment to avoid infections due to sweat.
  • Handle the weights from the stacks carefully to avoid injuries.
  • Regular maintenance of the equipment is necessary for the user’s safety and for the machine to have a longer life.


  • Workout anytime: the most important thing about having a gym set at home is the flexibility of time it offers. You can work any time depending upon your goals and mood.
  • No travelling: since you have a gym at home no need to travel outside for gyms 
  • Affordability: Compared to a gym membership a home gym set is a lot cheaper.
  • Safe and simple: the gym sets are designed in such a manner that any user can use them with ease without any guidance.
  • utility: since a gym set offers a wide range of equipment it can be utilised for multiple body workouts.
  • Beginners friendly: to use a home gym you need not be a professional since these sets are designed in a way to suit all types of users. a beginner with less or no experience can work out without any hassles. 
  • Maintenance-friendly: a gym set is a combined form of equipment that makes it easy for you to maintain without any difficulty.

Short Recap of Best Home Gym Set India 2021


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