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Top 10 Best Protein Powder For Men In India

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Gymming and healthy eating practices keep one fit and active. To achieve the best results, one cannot solely depend on a diet or an extensive workout routine without the use of supplements. These supplements like protein powders are widely available to provide as an alternative to having no or less protein in your food, or even just an extra source. 

Protein powders help in weight loss and muscle growth as well as supplying nutrients to the body through flavourful ways that can enhance protein uptake easily. This is absolutely necessary to pair with the right diet and workout to maintain a balance.

Here is a list of 10 best protein powder for men in India with reviews and uses for you to find your favourite one out of. They have been chosen after extensive research through various websites and videos for their quality, features, and customer satisfaction to be ranked like so.

10 Best Protein Powders to Buy Online

Here are some products that have been chosen with utmost care and precision to help you make an informed decision

1. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Whey Protein

Best overall product

best protein powder in india for men
  • Flavour: Unflavoured
  • Brand: Asitis Nutrition
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10 x 23 x 30 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Vegetarian product: Most of the proteins contain eggs and other proteins that may not be suitable for vegetarians. This is an important aspect for those who care.
  • Muscle building: Along with just situating healthy fats to the right places, it also prevents muscle loss to maintain them for longer.
  • Minimally processed:  The product has its natural goodness attached to it since there it goes through very less processing making it a healthy option for everyone.
  • Unflavoured: Many assume that this feature is a con but it is the best for those who cannot adjust to a different taste and would prefer mixing it with different substances instead.
  • Lab-tested: This feature assures safety standards and quality approvals. It also has appropriate serving measures to intake safe amounts.
  • Allergen-free: This product contains no impurities like heavy metals and is also gluten, artificial sweeteners, enzymes, fillers, and binding agents.

Editor’s point:

This is one of the safest products in the market that will provide the best consumer experience. It is also the best vegetarian alternative in the market.

2. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Best authentic product

best protein powder for men in india
  • Flavour: Double Rich Chocolate
  • Item Weight: 453.59 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19 x 7 x 28.9 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Protein blend: This has a blend of various types of Whey proteins with Whey isolate being the primary source of protein in it.
  • Easy to use: This does not necessarily require to be consumed right before or after workouts. This product can be consumed at any time of the day.
  • Versatility: It has a variety of sizes and flavours one can choose from going upto a maximum of 7 flavours. This specific flavour is double rich chocolate.
  • Easy to store: An advantage of this product is that it does not rot easily but make sure to keep it away from sunlight or moisture and do not leave it open.
  • Certifications: It is ISO 14001 and 22000 certified for its great quality standards and safety elements.
  • Authenticity: The company guarantees authenticity with a unique code that can be SMS’ed to verify its originality.

Editor’s point:

This product contains the goodness of whey proteins with exciting flavors that make consumption a fun experience. Definitely a customer’s favorite!

3. Bigmuscles Nutrition Premium Gold Whey

Best bodybuilding protein

best protein powder for men muscle gain
  • Flavour: Belgian Chocolate
  • Brand: Bigmuscles Nutrition
  • Item Weight: 1000 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14 x 14 x 18 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Powerful combo: This product contains two types of whey proteins which equally compete for being the best source of protein supply.
  • Muscle building: This powder can be used to build muscles and repair them if they are too lean by providing protein to them as targets.
  • Bodybuilding: The product helps those who are extremely enthusiastic about gymming and require solid proteins for heavy build-ups of the body.
  • Authentic: LV app helps in identifying a code in the body of the jar to check for its authenticity and realness to ensure you were not provided with a fake product.
  • Purity: The ingredients present in this combination powder are to maximum purity with little preservative and added benefits that it could use to power the body.
  • Attractive flavours: This product has a great Belgian chocolate flavour that removes the bitter taste of the whey protein and makes it delicious.

Editor’s point:

This product is the best protein powder in India for men who are looking for rapid muscle growth and shedding extra weight. This can be paired with gymming for greater results.

4. Pro360 Dry Fruits Protein Powder

Best premium pick

 best protein powder for muscle gain
  • Flavour: Dry fruits
  • Brand: PRO360
  • Item Weight: 250 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 11 x 13 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Soy
  • Item Form: Powder   

Product features:

  • Nuts: This one of the rarest products to contain nuts and dry fruits that provide it natural health, unlike other products that solely depend on whey or soy.
  • Affordable: It can be purchased at a very low rate and also comes in a great quantity for its amazing quality.
  • Triple protein formula: This product has the goodness of 3 proteins in 1 that can easily provide the necessary protein intake for the day with just a scoop.
  • Added goodness: It also contains a list of vitamins and minerals with soy isolates, milk powders, and raising that add to the health benefits.
  • Exemplary taste: This powder can be mixed with milk and nothing more as it provides the taste itself. It has a sweet and tasty nut mix kind of taste to it.
  • Visible dry fruits: This feature allows one to chomp on them and adds texture to the whole product as well.

Editor’s point:

It is the best purchase for someone who is interested in buying a nutty mix with the goodness of many vitamins and minerals all packed together in one scoop.

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5. OZiva Protein & Herbs

 Best herbal product

best protein powder for weight gain male
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Brand: OZiva
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Kilograms
  • Item dimensions: : 16.8 x 12.6 x 12.4 cm
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Stamina: The powder has the properties of providing muscles, recovery of muscles, and lean body. 
  • Weight loss: This product can easily reduce weight or maintain it through its mixture of whey proteins in different blends.
  • Essential multivitamins: The product has Biotin, Iron, Zinc, and many other vitamins that help in hair growth and keeping the skin glowing.
  • Better digestion: The chlorella and wheat blend makes the powder easy to digest and increase metabolism thereafter.
  • Medicinal properties: This powder has a blend of ashwagandha, Brahmi, Musli, and Gensing, that help in healing and repairing the body.
  • Purity: There are no added sweeteners, soy, gluten, GMO, sugars, and preservatives that might deteriorate the quality of the product.

Editor’s point:

This powder is the best medicinal blend that also helps in weight reduction and blood flow. It provides natural qualities with a blend of whey for a better body.

6. MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Whey Protein Supplement

Best amino acid-induced powder

best protein powder for men's weight gain
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Brand: MuscleBlaze
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.5 x 16.5 x 27.9 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Zero added sugars: This quality ensures that it is better than the rest due to no added sugars that can be counterproductive to the process.
  • 9 essential amino acids: The powder has the goodness of 9 amino acids that the human body requires to maintain its regular lifestyle.
  • International grade quality: The company assures the best quality and no compromise on the ingredients which have provided it with many accolades.
  • Imported: The whey is imported from the US to maintain standards and assure the crowd that their product is extremely authentic and qualitative.
  • Free of additives:  This product is free of gluten and sugars but also maltodextrin that may have a critical effect on the body’s health.
  • 12g intake: It requires very little intake to provide all the proteins necessary for the day and one can use it for longer.

Editor’s point:

Muscleblaze has never failed to amaze with its supplements. This product, too, is of top-notch quality and is recommended for every beginner trying their luck at gymming.

7.  Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder

Best herbal powder

best male protein powder
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Brand: Himalaya
  • Item Weight: 1.2 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19.2 x 19.2 x 29 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • Quantity: This product has an enormous quantity that can last longer without rotting. It also can be used in small amounts still producing great effects.
  • Herbal: The product has a blend of various herbal elements that develop bone health, strong muscles, and stamina.
  • Multiple nutrients: The product has calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients that provide the body with all necessary needs.
  • Natural sugars: The powder has sucralose and no other added sugars which gives it a good taste without compromise on health.
  • Better recovery: The powder ensures better injury recoveries and post workout pains.
  • Faster absorption: The three different whey protein blends help it spread and the muscles absorb it in better ways.

Editor’s point:

This product is absolutely necessary for those who face many injuries during gymming while they start out. It can achieve muscles in a very short span of time.

8. Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey

Best finely processed powder

best protein supplement for men
  • Flavour: Unflavored
  • Brand: Bigmuscles Nutrition
  • Item Weight: 1000 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 22 x 3 x 30 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • No added soy: Soy protein is added in most protein powders to increase weight loss but it might be an allergen for a lot of people so it is avoided in this product.
  • No preservatives: This feature allows it to be free of any chemicals that might help the powder stay fresh. It stays fresh regardless for a long time if kept away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Added carbs:  This is a very unique addition but the company ensures it’s added in a regulated amount to improve the digestive cycle.
  • Smooth blend: It forms no lumps when mixed with water or milk and can easily mix in seconds to give you a great shake experience.
  • Fully disclosed: Unlike most brands, this product prides on its full disclosure of ingredients to the customers so there are no side effects they face.
  • Affordable range: This product is priced at a very low rate to be accessible to all people through an online medium. 

Editor’s point:

This product is one of the most trustable brands that provide great returns on the use of its product. It is surely a great choice for the perfect smooth milkshake.

9. HealthKart My First Protein

Best added nutrients

best protein powder for older men
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Brand: HealthKart
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16.5 x 16.5 x 27.9 Centimeters
  • Protein Source: Casein, Whey, Soy
  • Item Form: Powder

Product features:

  • 10-gram serving: This product does not require huge amounts of protein for serving since 10 grams is more than enough.
  • 3 protein goodness: There are 3 different proteins in this powder that allow a better blend and more protein uptake through different materials.
  • Better absorption: The three different materials ensure better uptake by one or the other materials that suit the body better.
  • Delicious flavours: This powder has a chocolate flavour but is also available in various other interesting flavours that one can choose from to avoid bad powder taste.
  • Naturally sourced: This feature makes the whole powder easier to digest and improves the digestive circle. It also helps increase overall health.
  • Extra nutrients: There are 27 added vitamins and minerals that help push every nutrient in the body and not just concentrate on a protein which is the major element it enhances.

Editor’s point:

Healthkart ensures the best products for its customers at all times. This specific product is a very pure products with natural elements that maintain health.

10. Onelife Whey Protein Isolate

Best performance product

best protein powder for men weight gain
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Brand: OneLife
  • Item Weight: 2 Kilograms
  • Item dimensions: 28.2 x 21 x 21 cm
  • Protein Source: Whey
  • Item form: Powder

Product features:

  • DigeZyme: This is an enzyme present in the product that enhances the speed of digestion and absorption throughout the body.
  • Glutamic acid: The powder has glutamic acid that helps in making the muscles stronger and growing over a short span of time.
  • Versatile: This product can be added into many kinds of juiced or teas for intake to improve taste and absorption through every medium possible.
  • Better muscle repair: Along with just post-exercise muscle repair, this can also cure pains and exertion after a workout that may affect you if you are a first-timer.
  • BCAA: This stimulates the protein better and the synthesis is much faster and efficient due to this element.
  • Athletic performance: The product can be used by athletes for a better body and performance or to just increase overall health aspects.
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What are protein powders?

Protein powders are just a regular supplement one may use for added protein intake if needed in their lives. It is a crushed form of various protein-rich foods that can be obtained from eggs, meat, or otherwise on the usual.

Protein supplements use plant-based alternatives making them a healthy and vegetarian-friendly choice. They might contain flavoring and added benefits that come from the ingredients apart from the primary source of protein that is usually whey, soy, or casein. 

What to look for in protein powders?

  • Additives:  Make sure the product is free of substances that may cause allergies like soy, nuts, milk, and more. They can also contain preservatives and added sugars which are not great for health and may affect different bodies differently.
  • Dosage: Look for products that might not require heavy dosage to attain a small benefit. The dosage is usually mentioned on the products and online so one has an idea of how much they will be consuming once they buy the product. It also depends on how many times a day one has to consume the product. It can also be a certain time or before or after a meal too. All of this can be found on the product packaging easily.
  • Carbohydrates: Very few protein powders actually reveal their carb content. The best protein powder for men in India is that which has at least some carbohydrates which can go up to 3% of the total constituents. Carbohydrates help in maintaining the body by handling fat and blood sugar. They also help with digestion and proper stools. 
  • Amino acids: These amino acids are very essential and people usually forget to consume them on a daily basis. It is also not available in most foods that people consume. It can be attained if the protein powder contains amino acids that provide them in addition to just protein as well.
  • Protein source: Check if the protein is whey, casein, or soy. Whey is the best to be paired with gymming activities and the other two are great too but can be the source of allergies for some people.

How to use protein powders?

These powders can be used in different mediums and proportions. Here are some tips:

  • Only take the prescribed dosage.
  • Do not mix sugars in them.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • They can be mixed with flavouring agents and other mediums like juices and milk to enhance the taste.
  • Ensure they do not have any substance you might be allergic to.

Benefits of using protein powders

  • Weight management: Protein powders are very well known for their protein-enriched bases that help in reducing weight or maintain it if necessary since appropriate amounts of protein cannot be obtained through regular foods.
  • Building muscles: Since protein powders are usually taken in higher quantities by those who often practise gymming, it tends to help them shed weight, power the muscles, and route the proteins wherever necessary in the body.
  • Reduce health risks: Heart health is at a very big risk if not taken care of appropriately. Proteins can keep it running by providing appropriate blood flow and enriching the blood cells with better power and making it pure. It can also reduce inflammation, obesity, bowel diseases, and much more that need proteinaceous foods.
  • Metabolism: Consumption of protein powders helps one feel full and content of the food hence leading to lesser hunger. It also increases metabolism and helps with digestion.

Short Recap of Best Protein Powder for Men in India


 Best Protein Powders


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