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10 Best Protein Powder For Women In India [ Updated 2022]

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Gaining weight is a difficult task for many as the various body types the general population has, can need special care depending on the person. Some people easily gain weight, as opposed to the others who are always trying to gain weight but couldn’t. For issues as such, one can understand how this poses a problem for many, which is why there is a protein powder, among other things for the populace to help themselves.

Simply defined as a nutritional supplement, protein powder can help anyone with gaining weight by building muscle. This article presents the reviews for the best protein powders so that the readers can decide for themselves the best protein powder for women in India. This includes a carefully curated list of products made after hours of extensive research from trusted sites. By experienced writers and their skills, this article presents their detailed description and key features for the readers to find the protein powder for women in India best suited to them.

10 Best Protein Powders For Women To Buy Online In India

Protein powders have been on the rise for a few years now as the fitness and bodybuilding industry has moved on from the traditional means of fulfilling their requirements. In today’s day and age, here are the best protein powders to buy online:

1. OZiva Protein and Herbs Powder

Best Weight Gain Powder For Females

● Brand: OZiva

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 500 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 30 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 1,499 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Specially designed for women: Ideally speaking, there is little difference in protein powders for men and women, except like this where minor changes like Ayurvedic herbs vary for women.

●     Improve Lean Muscles: Proteins are a necessity when it comes to the increase in muscles, and hence, increase in weight. This protein powder helps by working on them.

●     Improves Metabolism With Ayurvedic Herbs: This protein powder includes herbs like Shatavari, Guduchi, that help the body with an improved metabolism so that the body processes food better.

●     Better Hair and Skin: Aside from helping one gain weight, this protein powder’s nutritional value helps in maintaining good hair and skin.

●     Sugar-Free: The addition of sugar to protein powders for the flavour can be damaging to its nutritional value. This protein powder avoids it by being sugar-free for better results.

●     Essential Whey Protein: This protein powder can provide up to 22 grams of whey protein in its 30-gram serve. Whey is one of the most beneficial sources of protein powders.

Editor’s Note:

As it is advertised, I am inclined to think that this protein powder is best suited for any woman wanting to gain weight. I love the addition of Ayurvedic herbs to this protein powder that gives a better hormonal balance for the body to maintain better health. It is the best weight gain powder for females in India

2. OZiva Plant Protein Powder

Best For Beginners

Brand: OZiva

● Flavour: Melon

● Net Quantity: 250 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 20 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 699 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Vegan Diet: This protein powder is 100% vegan friendly that is extracted strictly from plants to offer the best benefits of a protein powder without any harmful substances.

●     15 Essential Vitamins: This protein powder comprises 15 essential vitamins that were all extracted from natural methods, which offer better immunity for one’s body.

●     Clean Protein Blend: This protein powder is free from any harmful substances with mainly pea protein isolate and brown rice isolate. These offer plant-based proteins that are missing from the modern diet.

●     Skin and Hair Care; This protein powder includes traces of Zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C that take care of one’s hair and skin while providing for the body as well.

●     No Added Sugar: This protein powder is 100% sugar-free as it is damaging to the health and can reduce the effects of the protein powder.

●     Easy to Use: This protein powder is ready for use with just a simple mixing in water. Half to 1 scoop of powder in 200 Millilitres of water is recommended.

Editor’s Note:

I recommend this product for the use of beginners as it isn’t a product that comes in heavy quantities. The 250 grams quantity is ideal for anyone to just try it for experience, and they must surely return for this product’s effective results. It clears all doubts through its effects.

3. HealthKart Protein Powder

Protein Powder For Women In India

● Brand: Nouriza

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 400 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 30 Grams

● Vegetarian: Not Mentioned

● Price: 580 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Designed for Women: This protein powder is best suited to be in sync with a woman’s body and to help them maintain muscle mass. Though, non-women can take it too.

●     Delicious Chocolate Flavour: This protein powder comes in a delicious chocolate flavour that is easier to drink than anything else that focuses only on natural weird tastes.

●     Raw Protein: For every serving of 30 grams, this protein powder provides 15 grams of protein that helps one’s muscles in their growth.

●     Rich in Micronutrients: This protein powder is rich in micronutrients for a lasting effect on one’s health. They include vitamin A, D, E, to increase immunity.

●     Better Diet Management: With the inclusion of Iron and Calcium, this protein powder helps in better managing the dietary system for women, by fulfilling the requirements.

●     Includes Amino Acids: This protein powder includes amino acids that are beneficial for the increase as a source of energy, and they also prevent any weight loss that can happen.

Editor’s Note:

I think this protein powder is best for women in India as it is made to contribute to women’s weight gain and build muscle mass without any difficulty. It has a high protein intake which makes it worthwhile for me.

4. Mypro Protein Powder

Experts Certified Product

● Brand: Mypro

● Flavour: Belgium Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 500 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 30 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 649 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Curbs Hunger: This protein powder can easily be a sufficient meal replacement in a way that it provides healthy protein that is enough for the body’s requirements.

●     Packed With Protein: With each serving, this protein powder can provide 11 grams of protein in 30 grams intake of the serve.

●     Dietary Support: This protein powder can offer excellent digestive support with its 3.60 grams of fiber in each serve.

●     Delicious Chocolate Flavour: This protein powder offers a delicious chocolate flavour in the way of maintaining a healthy weight and growing muscles.

●     Improved Metabolism: This protein powder offers an increase in metabolic activity that burns calories along with the boosted growth in muscle mass.

●     Ready to Use Drink: This product offers simple ways of using it by mixing in water, and the best way to use it is to replace dinner with this drink.

Editor’s Note:

I feel that my two cents on this protein powder will be insignificant when compared to the organisations it is certified by. Organisations like WHO and FSSAI are some of the best associations for trusting protein powder for women’s weight gain in India.

5. SOS Protein Powder

Amazon’s Choice

● Brand: SOS

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 907 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 21 Grams

● Vegetarian: Not Mentioned

Product Features:

●     Whey Protein Powder: Whey, the liquid part of the milk, is one of the most popular sources of protein powder. It is extremely beneficial for increasing the muscle mass in one’s body.

●     Zero Fat: Some Protein Powders tend to include fat such as sugar or amino acids for their flavour and energy. But they can reduce the protein’s effect, hence, this product is better.

●     Immunity Booster: This protein powder is a suitable immunity booster for its users as it includes vitamin c and iron, to take care of one’s overall health.

●     32 Servings: This pack of protein powder has a net quantity of 907 grams, which is enough for 32 servings for a person. An equivalent of lasting for a whole month.

●     No Added Sugar: This protein powder is 100% sugar-free as it is damaging to the health and can reduce the effects of the protein powder.

●      Pure Protein Energy: This product has little to no amount of other components mixed with whey protein, as whey alone is a powerful agent. One can get unadulterated whey protein for their benefit.

Editor’s Note:

I trust this product because it has the Amazon’s Choice label on it and for me, it signifies the trust of thousands of customers that are satisfied with its quality. This women’s protein powder already has 5000+ happy customers and that count is ever-growing!

6. Pro360 Protein Powder

Most Versatile Product

● Brand: Pro360

● Flavour: Butterscotch

● Net Quantity: 250 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 2 Spoons

● Vegetarian: Not Mentioned

● Price: 340 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Healthy and Balanced Powder: This protein powder is made with a healthy balance of Amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients. It leads to better muscle growth.

●     Nutritional Partner of Women: This protein powder is meant for the bodies of athletic and working women who need the extra proteins for their days.

●     A Powder Beyond Protein:  This protein powder is equipped with Biotin and Evening Primrose that help women with their hair and hormonal balance. Iron and Folic provide healthy blood levels too.

●     Natural Ingredients: This protein powder extensively uses natural ingredients with things like green apple extracts, to help women be healthy and a star in every situation.

●     Meal Replacement: After taking this protein powder one feels less desire to eat food, especially unhealthy food, as this keeps the appetite low for a well-balanced diet.

●     Delicious Protein Shake: Some supplements either mix unhealthy sugar or make the product pale when it comes to taste. But this product makes for a delicious butterscotch drink without any disadvantages to one’s growth.

Editor’s Note:

I think that this is probably the best protein powder for women in India as it serves the most functions when it comes to protein powders on this list. The advantages that it has for the hair and skin, that too with the natural ingredients is something I’m impressed by.

7. Boldfit Protein Powder

Best For Intense Workouts

● Brand: Boldfit

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 500 Grams

● Grams Per Serve: 23 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 1,499 Rupees

Product Features:

●     No Added Sugar: This protein powder is free from any added sugar or sugaring agents for flavour at the expense of quality results. Instead, it has been sweetened naturally.

●     Ayurvedic Herbs Included: This product includes Ayurvedic herbs along with whey as they are low on calories and give a better texture than artificial preservatives.

●     Nourishment Beyond Muscles: The whey of this protein powder also includes biotin that offers nourishment to hair, nails, and skin, making this product an overall health product for women.

●     Raw Whey Protein: Whey is a source of protein that is extracted from the liquid part of the milk, which has numerous benefits. The use of this product will help people gain weight quickly.

●     Easy Refreshment Protein: It is recommended to be taken after an intense workout as a refreshment because the body can absorb it well when tired, and the delicious flavour helps in gaining energy back.

●     Creamy Energy Booster: The chocolate flavour, along with the natural herbs and the milky whey make up for a creamy and delicious protein shake that can boost one’s energy to work out.

Editor’s Note:

As I see it, this protein powder is the best protein powder for women in India for after workouts as it is the best refreshment one can get to regain their energy. I think that it is appropriately creamy and nourishing at the same time.

8. Optimum Nutrition (ON) Whey Protein Powder

 Best Protein Powder to Use Anytime

● Brand: Optimum Nutrition

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 2.27kg

● Grams Per Serve: 24 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 5,999 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Gold Standard Quality: 24 grams of whey contains whey peptide, whey concentrate, and whey protein isolate. All of these give enough energy for lean muscle growth.

●     Ingredients: Contains 5 grams of natural BCAA, 4 grams of Glutamine, and Glutamic acid.

●     Gluten-Free: This protein powder from Optimum Nutrition is Gluten-free and hence can be consumed by those allergic to gluten.

   Use Any Time: This powder can be used as a pre-workout or post-workout drink. It can also be used when you need more protein in your diet.

●     Quality Tested: This protein powder has undergone tests for a banned substance and hence contains only healthy good quality products.

●     Mix with Ease: This chocolate flavour protein powder can be mixed with ease as it doesn’t form lumps when a liquid is added to it. 

Editor’s Note:

This protein powder from ON is tested for its quality and hence provides a great source of protein for women at any time of the day.

9. Dymatize Nutrition Protein Powder

Premium Protein Powder

● Brand: Dymatize Nutrition

● Flavour: Gourmet Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 2.3kg

● Grams Per Serve: 25 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 9,999 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Best to Boost Performance: This whey protein powder is best for athletes to spend a lot of physical energy. It contains 5.5 grams of BCAA.

●     Ingredients: Contains 5.5 grams of BCAA, 25g of protein, 2.7 g of Leucine. It is easily digestible and fully hydrolysed.

●     Gluten-Free: This protein powder is Gluten-free and hence suitable for those with gluten allergies.

   Cross-flow microfiltration process: This powder is a world-quality product as it is made with a cross-flow microfiltration process.

●     Multi-step Purification: This protein powder undergoes multi-step purification to remove excess cholesterol, fat, and lactose.

●     12 Flavours: This protein powder is available in 12 different flavours like strawberry, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, etc.

Editor’s Note:

This is a premium protein powder from the brand Dymatize. It is best suited for women who are undergoing weight training to gain mass.

10. BPI Sports Whey-Hd Ultra-Premium Protein Powder

Easy to Digest

● Brand: BPI Sports

● Flavour: Chocolate

● Net Quantity: 2.27kg

● Grams Per Serve: 25 Grams

● Vegetarian: Yes

● Price: 4,699 Rupees

Product Features:

●     Easily digestible: It contains a unique enzyme to boost the digestion of protein and hence women can consume without worrying about indigestion.

●     Whey HD Protein: It is a multi-function rapidly digestible protein. It helps in the development of lean muscles as it fastens muscle repair and growth.

●     Gain or Loss: This protein powder is best for weight gain and weight loss simultaneously. Whey HD protein aids in rapid digestion and absorption.

   50 Servings: A pack that weighs 2.27 kg contains enough protein powder to make 50 servings.

 Great in Taste: This protein powder is delicious and has a smooth chocolate flavour.

●   No unnecessary Fillers: This protein powder from BPI Sports doesn’t contain unnecessary fillers like carbohydrates and fat.

Editor’s Note:

The main attraction of this protein powder is Whey HD, a rapidly digestible protein that enables faster muscle repair and growth of lean muscle mass. A good quality protein powder at a reasonable price.

What are protein powders?

Protein powders are a kind of food supplement made from plant sources, eggs, or milk. They are great sources of protein and hence boost muscle repair. Protein powders are also used for weight gain and weight loss.

There are many types of protein powders available in the Indian market. Plant-based protein powder comes from soy, peas, hemp, etc. Whey protein is a complete protein and best for those trying to bulk up. Soy protein powder is good for muscle repair and growth. Casein-based protein powder comes from milk and is not suitable for those with lactose intolerance.

What to Look for in Protein Powders for women?

To select the best protein powder in India buyers should take note of the following things:

1. Type of Protein Powders 

  • Protein powders are available in a wide variety of types and flavours. 
  • Some of the most common among them are whey, soy, hemp, egg, casein, etc. Whey, soy, and hemp are plant-based protein powders. 
  • Casein is a dairy-based one as it comes from milk.

2. Purpose

  • If weight gain is the goal, then it is important to go for a protein powder with a high biological value.
  • If weight loss is the aim, then go for protein powders without added sugars.No BCAA powders are the best for this group.
  • If you wish to increase your stamina, then go for whey or BCAA powders. BCAA contains 3 essential amino acids and hence the body absorbs them directly.

3. Medical Conditions

  • For those with gut problems and food intolerances, soy protein is the best. Powders that have dextrins or their derivatives should be avoided at any cost.
  • Choose ones without artificial sugars in case of a person with diabetes.
  • Protein powders containing less protein value are important for those with kidney disease. But it is always wise to seek a doctor’s advice before choosing a brand.

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How to Use Protein Powder?

You can use protein powder in the following ways:

  • You can mix it with water and drink it as a post or pre-workout drink.
  • It can be mixed with any drink of our choice. Some prefer adding it to milk.
  • Add around 20-50 gms of protein powder to get optimal results.

Benefits of Using Protein Powder

●     Weight Maintenance: Taking supplements can help people feel full for longer without much intake. This leads to the users reducing their food and snack intakes as well. This process helps one maintain their weight and even lose and gain weight for those who desire it. 

●     Muscle Growth: Protein is an important requirement for one’s body to grow muscle. This is why the use of protein shakes is common among athletes and gym enthusiasts so that they can easily bulk up after their weight lifting and workout. Their growth of muscle through these powders is significant. The results are shown to be the same when one compares it between men and women.

●     Body Recovery: While helping one’s muscles in growth and toning one’s body, protein powders can help one’s body recover when the muscles and tissues are damaged. The soreness that athletes can experience in their careers, can be cured sooner with the use of protein powders. 

Short Recap of Best Protein Powder For Women 2022


Best Protein Powder For Woman


Customer Avg Rating (on a scale of 5)


Rs. 1,599

Out of 9,109 ratings


Rs. 454

out of 1,038 ratings


Rs. 549

out of 850 ratings



out of 1,301 ratings


Rs. ₹1,450

out of 30 ratings


Rs. 340

out of 288 ratings



out of 145 ratings


Rs. 5,999

out of 11,106 ratings


Rs. 5,600.00

out of 4,640 ratings


Rs. 5,099.00

out of 57 ratings

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