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6 Best Pull-Up Bars in India With Beneficial Features [ Updated 2022]

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6 Best pull-up Bars in India

A variety of bars are available for pull-ups. These bars are used around the world for exercises and workouts. These bars help in strengthening muscles and other parts of the body like shoulders and arms. Pull-ups are an essential part of a workout and are done by everyone. A pull-up bar is a piece of essential equipment if pull-ups are an important part of one’s workout.

I have listed the 6 best bars for pull-ups. Features like weight, dimensions, weight and material of the bars have been specified. One can easily pick an affordable product since all bars are available at reasonable prices. 

The products that have been listed are bars of different types that can suit anyone. One can choose the bar for themselves based on the specifications and features of each product. The pull-up bars that have been listed are visually appealing and can add a good touch to a work environment. I have included pull-up bars that are suitable for both men and women. 

6 Best pull-up Bars to Buy Online

Different types of pull-up bars are available around the world. One can mount it at their home or in their workout place. One can purchase the best home pull-up bar. They can be used every day to enhance fitness. 

1.Rylan Door Mount pull-up Bar

best home pull up bar
  • Colour: grey
  • Weight: 349kg
  • Material type: Aluminium
  • Price: Rs. 949
  • Dimensions: medium-large sized
  • Bar Type: Door mount

Product features

  • Versatility: this pull-up bar is versatile to use. One can perform any type of exercise with this bar like sit-ups and crunches.
  • Handgrip: the grip of the bar is comfortable. The material used is non-slip for the protection of the user. It has foam grips to reduce fatigue.
  • Lightweight: the bar is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to use and fix at other places. One does not have to struggle while shifting it.
  • Mount type: this pull-up bar is made of chrome steel and it is heavy-duty. It provides extra support to the user. It uses screws for mounting.
  • Improve body strength: since it is a door mount pull-up bar, it is suitable for upper body workouts like abs muscles, arms, back and shoulders.
  • Location: these bars come with multiple mount kits with screws in. One can move the bar to any place they want. 

Editor’s Review

If you are looking for a door mount pull-up bar then this bar by Rylan is the best pick for you. I think it is a good piece as it is available at a good price and has many beneficial features. One can perform workouts without having to purchase products.

2. Hermito Wall Mount pull-up Bar

best pull up bars
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Material type: Iron
  • Price: Rs. 1,299
  • Dimensions:10*69*22cm 
  • Bar Type: Wall mount

Product features

  • Durability: this pull-up bar is made of high quality and heavy-duty materials that provide extra grip to the user. It enhances the workout.
  • Assembly: the bar is easy to mount. The bar can be fixed with the help of a manual. Fix on a brick or a concrete wall.
  • Design: the bar is ergonomically designed to provide extra grip and comfort to the user. It can hold up to 150kg. Heavy gauge steel bar with fixings. 
  • Included components: the pull-up bar come with cushion grips, nut bolts, fasteners and side platforms. The cushion grips provide extra balance and comfort to the user.
  • Uses: the pull-up bar can be used for chin-ups, crunches, lats, abs, triceps and biceps. One can perform an upper body workout with this bar. 
  • Body: the bar has a coating of black powder and has steel tubing, which makes it ideal for pull-ups and other workouts. 

Editor’s Review

This pull-up bar is made of durable materials which make it ideal for everyday use. I think one can gain a good grip. It is available at an affordable price. In my opinion, if one is looking for a good addition to their gym this is your perfect pick in the list.

3. ALLYSON FITNESS Wall Mount pull-up Bar

best wall mounted pull up bar
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 6kg 700g
  • Material type: alloy steel
  • Price: Rs. 2,249
  • Dimensions: small-medium sized. 
  • Bar Type: wall mount 

Product features

  • Capacity: the maximum capacity of the pull-up bar is 140kg. One must not exceed the capacity of the pull-up bar. 
  • Grips: The pull-up bar has foam grips to provide extra support to the user. It helps them hold the bar better. 
  • Included components: the bars included can be used for lats, triceps, pull-ups. A single-handed grip, anchor bolts and a U bar are included. 
  • Level: this pull-up bar is ideal for professionals and beginners. Anyone can use this bar regularly. One can reach their fitness target efficiently.
  • Uses: the bar helps in strengthening and shaping the body and bones. One can gain a good grip with the help of this bar.
  • Durability: the bar is made of heavy-duty materials for better results. It has a triangular structure for extra support while working out.

Editor’s Review

If you are looking for a multi-purpose pull-up bar then I would suggest this product. It is the best for any level of workout. One can reach their fitness goals easily. The bar is easy to mount and is convenient for everyday use. The bar is slightly expensive.

4. Inditradition Door Mount pull-up Bar

best doorway pull up bar
  • Colour: steel
  • Weight: 1kg 230g
  • Material type: alloy steel
  • Price: Rs. 799
  • Dimensions: 65*6*6cm
  • Bar Type: door mount

Product features

  • Installation: it can easily be installed in any place of the house. The bar can be mounted on brick walls or wood beams or drywall. 
  • Grips: the bar has foam grips installed for extra protection and a good grip on the rod. It reduces fatigue on the hands. 
  • Adjustable: the bar can be easily adjusted as per the requirements of the user. The dimensions for adjustment are 80-110cm. It is suitable for any door. 
  • Heavy duty: A heavy-duty steel frame is used for this pull-up bar. It gives the best results for strengthening the shoulders and back. 
  • Uses: the bar can be used for multiple stretches like spine arc, body, upper body, hip and knee. It is suitable for a full-body workout.
  • Assembly: the pull-up bar is easy to assemble. One can mount it on any door with the help of a user manual and accessories provided.

Editor’s Review

This is an inexpensive pull-up bar. If one is a beginner and does not want to spend much on equipment, then this is the best buy for them. It has all the features of a good pull-up bar. The installation and mounting are easy and convenient for the user.

5. Kore K-WM-CHINUP-BAR-SR-ABS pull-up Bar

best squat rack with pull up bar
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 3kg 810g
  • Material type: alloy steel
  • Price: Rs. 1,287
  • Dimensions: 13*20*98cm
  • Bar Type: wall mount 

Product features

  • Included: the combo comes with ab straps, parallel grips, mounting hardware and a user manual. One can install the components easily with the accessories provided.
  • Types of grip positions: padded foam grips are installed in the bar that provides comfort and support while working out. Grip positions are wide, neutral and narrow. 
  • Capacity: the maximum capacity that the bar can handle is 120kg. The user must not exceed the capacity or they might damage the product.
  • Uses: various workouts like chin-ups, push-ups, arms, back, tricep and bicep can be performed with the bar. All workouts are easy and convenient.
  • Weight and dimensions: the bar is slightly heavy if one wants to shift places. The dimensions are 
  • Durability: the pull-up bar is made of durable alloy steel. The construction is heavy-duty and it is covered with a powder coating.

Editor’s Review

This equipment is the perfect combo for any home workout. It comes with a pull-up bar and an ab strap. One can achieve the best results with this bar, according to me. It is available at a reasonable price with good quality materials. Purchase it to enhance your fitness.

6. StarX Wall Mount pull-up Bar

best portable pull up bar
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Material type: alloy steel
  • Price: Rs. 1,096
  • Dimensions: 50.8*96.5*12.7cm
  • Bar Type: wall mount

Product features

  • Types of grips: the bars are covered with foam padded grips for extra protection. Grip positions are narrow, neutral and wide. One can work out comfortably.
  • Capacity: the maximum capacity of the heavy gauge steel construction is 140kg. It is suitable for any person that works out daily.
  • Durability: the bar is made of alloy steel which is a durable material. The material is heavy-duty and does not get damaged. 
  • Installation: The pull-up bar can easily be installed with the help of screws and bolts. One can follow the instruction manual for easy installation.  
  • Included: Components like mounting hardware, user manual, parallel grips and accessories for mounting are included for easy use of the product. 
  • Uses: the pull-up bar is suitable for developing arms, abs, back and shoulders. It is of high quality. One can also perform different types of stretches.

Editor’s Review

This product is highly beneficial and a perfect pick for a wall mount pull-up bar. It is available at a slightly higher price but offers decent features. One can perform workouts without facing fatigue. I think it is suitable for beginners and professionals. The installation is easy, in my opinion.

What are pull-up Bars?

Pull-up bars are essential workout equipment. pull-ups cannot be performed with normal equipment available at a gym, a pull-up bar is essential. pull-up bars are made of materials that reduce fatigue on the hands. One can get their hands on the best doorway pull-up bar.

It is an exercise bar where one hangs with the help of their hands. This exercise bar also treats mental and physical health. One can enhance their fitness, strengthen muscles and various parts. pull-up bars must be mounted at the right place as per the convenience of the user. 

What to look for in pull-up bars?

Certain specifications have to be considered while purchasing a pull-up bar. Some of them include:

  • Mount type: there are a lot of types of pull-up bars. One must pick the one that is suitable for their workout. Few types include doorframe pull-up bar,  wall mount pull-up bar and free standing pull-up bar. The right kind of pull-up bar makes workouts easier. 
  • Material: pull-up bars are made of different materials like iron, aluminium and heavy-duty steel. These materials are durable and have a good grip. They are usually not slippery for the best results. 
  • Dimensions: One must keep in mind the dimensions of the bar. It must not be too small or too big for a workout. It must be mounted perfectly so that the user does not have to face issues with the size.
  • Price: pull-up bars are available at affordable prices. The price is based on the features of each bar. One does not have to spend a lot of money on a single bar. They are inexpensive and easily available.
  • The capacity of the bar: A pull-up bar must have a good capacity that can handle the weight. One must not purchase a pull-up bar that cannot handle the user’s weight. The bar must be mounted properly. 

Miscellaneous: other features like colour and weight must be considered to give a good look to a workout place. A pull-up bar must add a cool addition to the gym. pull-up bars have foam materials attached to them that provide an extra grip to the user and reduce fatigue.

How to use pull-up bars?

Avoid common mistakes while using pull-up bars:

  • The bar must be mounted at the right height that is suitable for the user. One must be able to easily grab the bar.
  • Before grabbing the bar one must jump and extend their wide arms to hold on to the bar.
  • One must pull-up while exhaling and their chin must meet the level of the bar.
  • One must inhale while coming back to their normal position.
  • The process must be repeated.

Benefits of using pull-up bars

  • Strengthening: pull-up bars strengthen muscles, back, arms and the muscles of the shoulders.
  • Prevent strain: Using pull-up bars reduces the strain on muscles and arms and relaxes them. It can also prevent strain on joints.
  • Improvement: Performing pull-ups regularly can improve the physical and mental health of a human. It is an important step towards fitness. 
  • Grip strength: pull-up bars are the best way to improve one’s grip strength. If lifting weights is a part of one’s workout then grip strength plays an important role. 
  • Fitness level: A high level of fitness must be maintained by a person who works out regularly. pull-up bars help in maintaining this fitness level and increase the overall strength of the body. 
  • Variety of workouts: One can perform various workouts without purchasing multiple gym equipment. 
  • Beginners: pull-ups are a good start for a beginner to lifting their entire body weight. They can start their journey of working out with 20-30 pull-ups.

Short Recap Of Best Pull-Up Bars 2022


Best pull-up Bars


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