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Top 13 Best Trekking Shoes in India [Updated 2022]

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The right pair of trekking shoes play a tremendous part in a trip. A decent pair – let it be shoes from Woodland or let it be shoes from Salomon. While going for a trek an individual should feel like an expansion of their feet. Also, a bad fitting pair with a negligent design can back you off and surprisingly stop the trip. Anyway, how would you pick the best travelling shoes in India? 

Various trekking shoes are reasonable for various types of treks. Does that mean snow journeying shoes must be utilized on snow? Not actually. The most suitable trekking shoes are adaptable. They function admirably in a wide range of climates. People can carry whey protein or protein bars to assist them during their trek. 

Trekking shoes are different when compared to typical sports or running shoes. There are a ton of highlights in the shoes that assist you with getting various types of climate, terrain, and backing the feet and lower leg while trekking. 

This carries us to the following questions – which is the best trekking shoes in India? and which is the best trekking shoes brand? What’s more, how would you settle on this decision? 

This is a vital decision, we have assembled a total aid which covers all points, 10 Best Trekking Shoes In India, how to purchase trekking shoes, how to use them, and how to keep up with them.

Top 13 Best Trekking Shoes to Buy Online

Having the right pair of trekking shoes is very essential for a trip. A bad pair of trekking shoes can ruin the trip. That is why after exhaustive research we have prepared the list of best trekking shoes in India.

1. Woodland Men’s Sneakers

Best overall product

  • Leather material
  • Lightweight 
  • Lace-up closure 
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Thermoplastic Rubber Sole 
  • 90 days manufacturing defects warranty
  • Product weight – 250 grams
  • Product dimensions – 33.6 cm x 24.8 cm x 13.6 cm

Product Features 

  • Olive Green coloured heel – This product comes with an olive green coloured heel collar that showcases the brand’s name and is attached to a black coloured bottom.
  • Black coloured leather – This product has a leather-made all black coloured sole featuring an embossed pattern throughout to provide excellent stability.
  • Lace-up closure – This product has leather-made olive green coloured men’s sneakers from Woodland featuring lace-up closure. It protects from excessive use of heat.
  • Round-toe design – The design of this product will be more spacious and it gives a comfortable feel while trekking especially for individuals with wide or broad feet. 
  • Leather material – Leather shoes are very durable and it is much better when compared to shoes that are made up of other materials. 

Editors Review 

I have heard pretty much about this brand and I think this is a very durable and trustable brand. I like this product because of its durable and sturdy base that gives very good support while trekking. This product has a lace-up closure and comes with a round toe design.

2. Columbia Women’s Peakfreak X2 Outdry Hiking Shoes

Best women’s product

  • Vibram
  • Multipurpose use 
  • Lightweight 
  • Cushioned midsole 
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Outdry technology 
  • Product weight – 500 grams 
  • Product dimensions – 30 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm

Product Features 

  • Non-marking rubber outsole – This product comes with a non-marking rubber sole that adapts to any terrain for overall excellence makes it an ideal option for trekking. 
  • Vibram – This pair of shoes comes with advanced traction by industry experts Vibram by maximising surface contact and it creates multi-directional lugs and offers necessary mud release. 
  • Outdry – This product comes without dry technology that ensures that the shoe is absolutely waterproof and highly breathable.
  • Lightweight – The weight of this product is 500 grams. It is a lightweight product. People can easily carry it with them while trekking and it gives a comfortable feel.
  • Multipurpose use – This product is designed in such a way that it can be used for multiple activities, it includes, trekking, travelling, camping, safari and lifestyle.
  • Rugged performance – This is a lightweight and rugged high-performance shoe and it comes with a cushioned midsole. Its rugged quality makes it a very durable product.

Editors Review 

In my opinion, this is one of the best trekking shoes in India for women. I do not find any drawbacks to this product. It has all the essential factors such as rugged quality, lightweight, non-marking rubber sole, and many more. Women can also use it for multiple activities.

3. Bacca Bucci Men’s Trekking Shoes

Best durable product

  • Phylon-Rubber & EVA sole
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rugged design 
  • Soft cotton canvas fabric
  • Camouflaged Pattern
  • Heavy-duty sole
  • Maximum Safety
  • Comfortable to wear

Product Features 

  • Rugged design – These boots are made with rugged material and a heavy-duty design. This makes it an ideal choice for hiking, travelling, fishing, and many more. 
  • Camouflage pattern – This shoe has camouflage green boots that are great for outdoor adventures. This one provides optimum support with rugged material to explore.
  • Heavy-duty sole – This shoe has an advanced pylon-rubber and EVA outsole. It provides great support and grip on difficult terrains. They are water-resistant and shock. 
  • Comfortable to wear – These shoes are made with soft and breathable fabric. It offers high cushioning and comfort. It has a soft cotton canvas fabric on the top.
  • Maximum safety – These trekking shoes are very safe. It will protect the user’s feet and ankles. It will also prevent small injuries that might take place while trekking.  
  • Durable manufacturing – These shoes are very durable and are made up of high-quality material. It makes it very durable even in extreme outdoor conditions. 
  • Soft cotton canvas fabric – Users can put on these boots for many hours without any trouble. The soft cotton canvas fabric will deliver a great experience. 

Editors Review 

I love the design of this product and the fact that it provides ankle support which will prevent many injuries while trekking. I met with many ankle injuries while trekking in the initial days but I have realized that these shoes will prevent many injuries.

4. Columbia Women’s Peakfreak XCRSN Ii Xcel Mid Outdry Hiking Shoes

Best ankle support produc

  • Rubber sole 
  • Omni Grip 
  • Techlite Midsole 
  • Breathable waterproof construction
  • Lightweight 
  • Techlite
  • Product weight – 700 grams 
  • Product dimensions – 32.26 cm x 22.35 cm x 11.68 cm

Product Features 

  • Outdry – This shoe has an absolute waterproof construction which is best for medium to heavy snow and rain, and moderate conditions.
  • Breathable material – This product comes with a breathable material that allows excess heat, sweat, and moisture to escape with Outdry technology. 
  • Lightweight – This product is made up of lightweight fabric which gives a comfortable feeling to the user. It is really helpful, especially during trekking.  
  • Omni grip has a high-level footing arrangement with uniquely designed mixtures and treads that guarantees stability and a strong grip for each territory. 
  • Techlite – the lightweight padded sole conveys prompt and durable prevalent padding and high energy return which improves execution in open-air activities.
  • Round toe – This pair of shoes have a round toe design which gives a comfortable feel. It can be quite spacious and it is recommended for people with wide feet.

Editors Review 

I think this is a very good product for women and I would recommend this product for women with wider feet. It has pretty good features and is suitable for trekking, and many other outdoor activities. It also has good ankle support which will prevent many injuries.

5. Salomon L40463700 Synthetic Quest Prime GTX

Best premium product

  • Energy cell
  • Suede Leather
  • Mesh and textile lining 
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Protective rubber
  • Lace locker 
  • Product weight – 1.14 kgs
  • Product dimensions – 35.6 cm x 22.9 cm x 11.4 cm

Product Features 

  • Advanced chassis – They have placed an advanced chassis in between the midsole and outsole. This will maximize motion control, energy management and push-through protection.
  • Gore-Tex – They have used Gore-tex technology in making this product. It will keep an individual’s feet dry from both outside and inside. 
  • Sensi-fit – SensiFit supports the foot from the padded sole to the lacing system and it will be providing a much safer experience. 
  • Lace locker – A locking eyelet between the ankle and the forefoot eyelets that secure the bands, empowering precise lace adjustment.
  • Protective rubber – They have placed a protective piece of rubber over the toe area to maximize safety and prevent injuries while trekking. 
  • Gusseted tongue – The tongue is associated with the upper on the two sides, keeping the tongue focused and keeping trash from entering the shoe.
  • Mesh and Textile Lining – The mesh and textile lining will deliver a soft, breathable lining. Users will feel really comfortable while using these shoes. 

Editors Review 

This is one of the best trekking brands when it comes to trekking shoes and many outdoor products that is why I have mentioned a few more products that are manufactured by this brand. I love the design and quality of their products. They are very durable.

6. Unistar Anti-Skid High Trekking Shoes

Best anti-skid product

  • Stylish boots
  • Anti-collision Toecap 
  • Comfortable
  • Lace tie-up
  • Durable Traction
  • Great Support
  • Product weight – 800 g 
  • Product dimensions – 10 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm

Product Features 

  • Stylish design – Taking style as inspiration these shoes come with additional structure cushioning on the back, tongue, and expect to make the most agreeable, and sleek design. 
  • Anti-Collision toe cap – The boots come with anti-collision toe covers that protect the individual’s feet and footwear during extreme adventurous activity.
  • Comfortable – It comes with an additional form padding on the tongue and back. The interior part of the shoe is designed to keep an individual comfortable throughout the activity. 
  • Durable traction – The sole gives adaptability, and a foothold with each footstep an individual takes while trekking, making them ideal for any climate and outdoor activity.
  • Ankle support – This product comes with high-ankle support that will prevent many injuries during adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, and many more.
  • Lace tie-up – This product has customizable eyelets that will enhance the upper comfort. It is also customizable. People can modify the style as per their choice and preference. 

Editors Review 

I like the design of the product. I think it is easy to maintain this product because it has a completely black design so there won’t be much work. People will not have to clean it every day, by chance, if they have light colour shoes then they will have to frequently clean it.

7. Add-gear CTR Trekking Shoes

Best budget buy

best trekking boots
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • Anti-skid resistant 
  • Self Cleaning Cleated Outsole Spits
  • Versatile 
  • Made in India
  • Indian product
  • Product weight – 929.86 g
  • Product dimensions – 30 cm x 21.01 cm x 11 cm

Product Features 

  • Multi-purpose – Add-gear CTR trekking shoes are versatile products and users can use them for hiking and trekking. It is can also be used on regular basis.
  • Ankle support – This item accompanies good ankle support that will forestall numerous wounds during gutsy exercises, for example, climbing, trekking, and a few more.
  • Anti-skid – Especially in Monsoon, CTR Trekking shoes, a trekking boot with anti-skid gum soles. It will give you better support and protect you from slipping from wet terrains.
  • Silicone google band –  People will get a free silicone google band with this pair of trekking shoes. People with eyesight can use this band while trekking.
  • Comfortable – This product is very comfortable. The interior material that is used in the product will deliver a great user experience. 

Editors Review 

I like the sole of these trekking shoes. They are very durable and pretty good. It is very easy to maintain this product. I do not think that people will have to stress out about maintaining the product. They also offer a free silicone google band. This is ideal for monsoon trekking.

8. Liberty Unisex-Adult’s Hiking Shoe

Best unisex product

best hiking and trekking shoes in india
  • Simple and plain design 
  • Durable 
  • High-quality material 
  • Ankle support
  • Product weight – 860 g
  • Product dimensions – 26.67 cm x 10.16 cm x 13.97 cm

Product Features 

  • Unisex adult shoes – It is a unisex product and it can be used by both men and women. Both men and women can comfortably use this product. 
  • Simple and plain design – This is a complete black product. It has a simple design, yet it looks very stylish. 
  • Easy to maintain – This is a black product so people will not have to worry about cleaning these shoes. They do not have to spend too much time maintaining these shoes.
  • High ankle support – This product has high ankle support. It will prevent many injuries while trekking especially in highly adventurous events.
  • Water-resistant product – This is a waterproof shoe and it will keep an individual’s feet dry and it is very essential while trekking in a few particular locations. 
  • Polyurethane sole – This sole of this product is made up of polyurethane. It makes it wear resistance, superb shock absorption, and slip resistance.

Editors Review 

I like the design of this product because it has followed a simple and plain design. They did not try to be fancy and failed with the design. It also provides great ankle support which is essential while trekking and many other outdoor activities.

9. Salomon Men’s XA Collider Hiking Shoe

best trekking boots in india
  • Protective mudguard 
  • Protective toe cap 
  • Single-layer mesh 
  • High-performance EVA foam
  • Contagrip
  • Enhance protection
  • Product weight – 310 g 
  • Product dimensions – 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 8.9 cm

Product Features 

  • Energy cell – This product has a high-performance EVA foam that provides shock attenuation. It makes it a very durable product. 
  • Welded upper-stitch – This product has free upper construction and provides a comfortable, smooth, glove-like feel. 
  • Protective mudguard – This product has a protective mudguard. There is a wrap of leather or elastic around the base of the foot that ensures the medial and lateral sides of the foot.
  • Comfortable fit – The liberal fit, additional padding and soft textures will deliver great comfort. People can wear these shoes for long hours.
  • Versatile product – Due to its durability, and a few more features makes it is an ideal option for all outdoor activities, let it be trekking, hiking or any other activity.
  • Contagrip MD – The base has a lug pattern that will give great support while trekking, especially in wet and dry locations.

Editors Review 

I think this is a pretty good product. This is made by a premium brand. It is a very versatile product. It is slightly expensive. It has a high-performance EVA foam that makes this product very durable and provides shock attenuation.

10. Columbia Women’s Redmond V2 Wp Hiking Shoes

top 10 trekking shoes in india
  • 100 MW Mid Outdry 
  • Vibram
  • Breathable waterproof construction
  • Multi-purpose 
  • Product weight – 952.54 Grams
  • Product dimensions – 30 cm x 20 cm x 5 cm

Product Features 

  • Stability and comfort – People will be very comfortable while using this product. It also provides great stability, which makes it an ideal option for trekking. 
  • Multi-purpose – Due to its rugged quality, this product can be used for numerous outdoor activities such as trekking, safari, camping, travelling, and regular use.
  • Vibram technology – It has an advanced foothold by industry specialists Vibram by amplifying surface contact, making multi-directional lugs, and giving fundamental mud discharge
  • Outdry technology – This shoe utilizes a one-piece protected bootie development measure that makes a waterproof breathable obstruction that is heat attached to the external texture.
  • Suitable for any weather – This product has a breathable construction that will keep an individual’s feet comfortable and dry throughout the day and in all weather conditions.  
  • Lightweight – This product is not at all heavy so people can comfortably wear these shoes for many hours without any problem.

Editors Review 

I think this is a very durable product and it looks really simple and good. This product is available in two different colours. This product has a strong base and gives great support while trekking and many other outdoor activities.

11. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 4 Mid GTX Hiking Shoe

  • Active Support
  • Chevron lugs
  • Mesh and textile lining
  • Contagrip
  • SensiFit 
  • Energy cell 
  • Moulded OrthoLite 
  • ADV-C Chassis

Product Features 

  • ADV-C Chassis – Keeping external ankle enunciations protected a lot, this frame brings additional strength while leaving the front of the shoe delicate and adaptable to move openly.
  • Great grip – The Contagrip MA outsole will give great support while trekking, in any event, when it is slippery or wet. This will give you more control while trekking. 
  • Trail-enlivened agility – Drawing on the trail-running expertise, this shoe is lighter and sprier, so people stay deft on the lopsided landscape.
  • Energy cell – In this product, there is a high-performance EVA foam that will provide shock attenuation. This is very effective while trekking on the uneven territory.
  • Protective toe cap – There is a protective toe cap that is made up of leather, rubber, and synthetic material over the toe cap. 
  • Chevron lugs – This product has a lug design with deep penetration and a multi-directional grip. It will improve traction on soft surfaces, such as dirt or mud.
  • Contagrip – This grip will balance both the geometry and the rubber compound to deliver confidence on wet, dry, hard, or loose surfaces. It also makes it very durable.

Editors Review :

I think this is the most premium product on the list and it is a very durable product. It is overpriced but it is worth investing in this product due to its amazing features. It is also a very safe product. People can carry whey protein or protein bars that will keep them active.

12. Centrino Men’s 3311 Hiking Shoes

  • Synthetic outer material 
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable and stylish design
  • Product weight – 1.4 kgs
  • Product dimensions – 33 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm

Product Features 

  • Reliable and durable – They have used rugged material in making these shoes which makes them a very durable and reliable product. 
  • Comfortable – The material they have used in these shoes will deliver a great experience. The comfortable material will let them trek for many hours without any irritation.
  • Breathable and stylish design – these pair of shoes have a breathable and stylish design. It will absorb the sweat around the feet.
  • Multi-sport shoes – These shoes are made up of rugged quality and these are designed in such a way that they can be used for multiple sports such as trekking, motor-biking, trail-walking, and etc. 
  • Ankle support – These shoes offer great ankle support which will prevent many injuries that might take place during an outdoor activity.

Editors Review

13. Columbia Women’s Peakfreak X2 Mid Outdry Hiking Shoes

  • Multisport shoe
  • 100 MW mid out dry 
  • Vibram
  • Out dry technology 
  • Product weight – 820 g
  • Product dimensions – 29 cm x 23.8 cm x 11 cm

Product Features 

  • Multi-sport shoes – This shoe is designed in such a way that people can use it for multiple outdoor activities such as trekking, safari, camping, lifestyle, and a few more.
  • Vibram – It has advanced traction by providing important mud release are, increasing the surface contact, and making multi-directional hauls.
  • Outdry – This shoe has a flat out waterproof construction that is good for medium to substantial snow and rain and moderate conditions. 
  • Breathable material – These shoes accompany a breathable material that permits abundant warmth, sweat, and moisture to escape with Outdry innovation.
  • Lightweight – These shoes are lightweight and it is beneficial for individuals during high-intense treks. The material that is used inside is also very comfortable. 
  • Strong and durable – This is a lightweight and rough superior shoe and it accompanies a padded sole. Its tough quality makes it a truly solid item.

Editors Review 

In my opinion, this is one of the best trekking shoe brand in India for women. They make very reliable and durable products. Their shoes are designed in such a way that people can use them for multiple outdoor activities. It is a very reliable and trustworthy brand.

What are Trekking Shoes

Do you know what is the reason behind using a pair of trekking shoes? Essentially, footwear is planned to give solace to users and offer great security for an individual’s feet against unforgiving conditions. Essentially, the fundamental reasons behind trekking shoes are to guard an individual’s feet against abrasions, wounding from the harsh wild territory, pad the bottoms, and give a great foothold on an unpleasant, wet, elusive, steep, and sloppy landscape. People will just have to wear the right pair of trekking shoes while going out for a trek.

What to Look for in trekking shoes?

Before purchasing the right pair of should people should gander at 5 things while picking the best trekking shoes from the best trekking shoes brand: 

  1. Check for shoes that have a strong grip

The most ideal approach to perceive the right pair of trekking shoes is with a great grip. For that, have a look at the grooves. They will be thick, profound, and deep. A shoe with a great will has slush, mud, soil stalling out in its grooves. That is an indication of profound grooves that are grasping on the mud. Ensure that the shoes have a great grip. 

  1. Search for smooth shoes and adaptability of the shoe sole

You will stroll on various types of territory and the shoes need to adjust to it. An adaptable and soft sole is incredible at doing this. However, how would you find that? 

Take a metallic, hard item, and simply tap on the sole. Pay attention to the clamour it makes. A soft and smooth sole less sound. On the off chance that people hear a sharp solid noise, realize that it is too tough and a particularly sole that won’t chip away at a trip. 

  1. Pick shoes that offer ankle or lower leg support

A ton of sports shoes and running shoes accompany a great deal of adaptability and great support. Be that as it may, what they need is ankle or lower leg support. For example, in the Himalayas, people will stroll on the unpleasant territory. People have no other option except to climb up and down and their lower leg is inclined to winding in uncommon points. Furthermore, that is the point at which that journey can end. Furthermore, people do not want that to take place especially during an amazing trek. To forestall this, people need great lower leg support and ensure their shoes give great lower leg support. 

  1. Water Resistance is important

Especially for a monsoon Trek in the Ghats will demand a pair of high-quality waterproof shoes. This is on the grounds that travellers will travel across snow, downpour, water bodies or different areas where their feet can get wet. In the event that their shoes aren’t waterproof, odds are that they will foster shoe nibbles or some type of calluses inferable from wet feet. Also, it’s awkward to travel significant distances in overwhelmed shoes and wet socks.

How to Use Trekking Shoes?

Purchasing the right pair of trekking shoes is very essential. Hiking shoes should likewise offer sufficient assurance, durability, and stability. A solid pair of trekking shoes is a dependable shoe that will not leave you in the path. For significant distance hiking, shoes should be steady and, ideally, lightweight. They additionally require you to feel comfortable and flexible when strolling. Nonetheless, on harsh surfaces, shoes may be stiffer and more strong. After purchasing, people will have to just put on the right pair of shoes and enjoy their trek. Also, carrying a protein shaker and protein powder during the trek will really be beneficial for you.

Benefits of using the best trekking shoes:

  • Ankle support: – Trekking shoes will provide great support and stability during the trip. Great ankle support is very essential that will forestall many injuries that might take place while trekking especially on any terrain. 
  • Protection – A good pair of trekking shoes will protect the individual foot in various localities and hard conditions. 
  • Great grip – The right pair of trekking shoes will give an individual a great grip and support while climbing mountains, which is very important while trekking as people will come across hard conditions and terrains.
  • Memorable Trip – A good pair of trekking shoes will have to ensure that there is a balance between all the crucial factors such as stability, support, stiffness, water-resistant, cushioning, breathability and comfort. It is very important to take care of your feet while trekking because a small injury can ruin the entire trip. Good pair of shoes with all the above features will protect your feet and make it a memorable trip

Short Recap Of Best Trekking Shoes 2022


Best Trekking Shoes


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