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4 Best Tummy Trimmers in India [Updated 2022]

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Fitness plays an essential role in our daily lives. Contrary to what one might like to believe, being healthy includes being fit for everything. The bare minimum required to maintain one’s health and fitness is a good diet and the ability to do physical tasks that ensure good consumption of that diet. Besides the healthy consumption of food, these are simple measurements of one’s physical fitness. In our times, we have progressed past the basic exercises and moved onto machine-based workouts. This article helps one select the best tummy trimmer in India, which is one such machine used in maintaining fitness these days.

 4 Best Tummy Trimmers in India

With a growing search for tummy trimmers in India, for their benefits or their compatibility with everyone, this article presents them from trusted and reliable brands. A new, shining product in gym equipment, here are the 4 best Tummy Trimmers in India:

Amazon’s Choice-  RYLAN 

Standard Average Product-   WOQZILINE 

Premium Pick- Spike

Budget-Friendly Tummy Trimmer- Vencho®  

 1. Rylan Double Spring Tummy Trimmer

Amazon’s Choice  

best tummy trimmer belt
  • Brand: RYLAN
  • Closure Type: Double Spring
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Item Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 10 Inches
  • Age Range: Youth.
  • Item Weight: 300 Grams
  • Price: 449 Rupees
  • Package Inclusions: 1 Double Spring Tummy Trimmer

    Product Features:

 ●     Durable: This tummy trimmer is made of high-quality plastic and steel that is better than the average quality products available. It will last long and support tough exercises.

 ●     Multi-functional: This Tummy Trimmer allows the users to exercise in both standing and sitting workout methods so that they don’t have to change equipment for different muscles.

 ●     Covers Whole Body: This tummy trimmer ensures that the effort is applied from all your body. Making it ideal for hips, legs, abs and arms at the same time.

 ●     Easy Toning: Apart from being a tool to lose one’s weight, this tummy trimmer also helps in toning one’s body. Gives the best results with regular sessions.

 ●     Easy to Carry: Portable and lightweight, this tummy trimmer can fit easily in one’s car to work out in any place when needed.

 ●     Comfortable Grip: This tummy trimmer comes with special foam handles that offer a comfortable grip while working out at any intensity. No worries about hand strains due to tough handles.

 ●     Flexible Straps: This tummy trimmer comes with flexible rings for placing feet, which allows all sizes of feet to fit in without any difficulty. Ideal for both men and women.

 Editor’s Note:

 I don’t think I can say anything about this product that will be louder than the Amazon’s Choice label on it. A mark of thousands of customers all over the world, it proves its worth with its durable and sturdy steel design. The best tummy trimmer brand in India for the people aged between 20-30.

2.  Woqziline Pull Reducer, Waist Reducer Body Shaper Trimmer

Standard Average Product

best tummy trimmer
  • Brand: WOQZILINE
  • Closure Type: Rubber
  • Colour: Multicolour.
  • Item Dimensions: 59.4 x 59.4 x 59.4 Centimeters
  • Age Range: Youth
  • Item Weight: 289 Grams
  • Price: 379 Rupees
  • Package Inclusions: 1 Tummy Trimmer

 Product Features:

    High-Density Foam Pedals: This WOQZILINE tummy trimmer comes with high-density foam pedals that are soft on the feet. It allows the users to stay undisturbed during intense workouts.

 ●     Lightweight construction: This product just weighs over 280 grams, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry for its users. Be it to the gym or rooftop, carry easily.

 ●     Comfortable Grip: Long gone are the worries of harsh handlebars while working out. This tummy trimmer’s foam handlebars offer a comfortable grip even in intense workout sessions. Apply force without hesitation.

 ●     Covers Whole Body: This tummy trimmer ensures that the effort is applied from all your body. Making it ideal for hips, legs, abs and arms at the same time.

 ●     Natural Rubber Tube: These tummy trimmer bands are made of natural latex and NBR green foam, which makes them non-toxic and natural for use. It feels more alive than dead metal.

 ●     Flexible Straps: This tummy trimmer comes with flexible rings for placing feet, which allows men and women with all feet sized to fit it with ease.

 ●     High Elasticity: The rubber tube of this tummy trimmer offers a higher elasticity than steel springs, hence, offering more effective results in losing weight and toning.

 ●     Suited for Various Positions: This tummy trimmer can be easily used in any position. Be it sitting, standing or laying down, it supports and gives equal results in every position.

 Editor’s Note:

 If you ask me, I would say that this product is something that all average families can have. People of any body type can use this tummy trimmer with ease and comfort. Features like the natural rubber material only add elegance to its effective results in the case of both men and women.

Check out our guides to the best dumbbells, pullup bars and hand grips for more brand-specific buying advice.

   3. Spike Tummy Trimmer Ab Exerciser

Premium Pick

best tummy trimmer in india
  • Brand- Spike
  • Closure Type- Elastic
  • Colour- Yellow
  • Item Dimensions- 25 x 10 x 10 Centimeters
  • Age Range- Adult 
  • Item weight- 100g
  • Price- Under 1500
  • Package inclusions-‎1x Spike Tummy Trimmer, Spike Exercise Manual

Product Features:

  • Unisex product- This tummy trimmer from Spike is suitable for both men and women. 
  • Durable – It comes with a strong elastic latex that is stretchable and a countered footrest with a good grip. Since it is made of latex, the product does last for a long time.
  • High resistance- The trimmer has a high resistance as it comes with a dual resistance band and can be used to train the tummy, legs, arms, and shoulders. Thus, it tones the whole body.
  • Lightweight– This tummy trimmer is lightweight and hence can be ported with ease. It is quite handy to be kept inside your gym bag when heading to the gym.
  • Gain muscle– Resistance training is one of the easiest ways to get muscles. It is a much easy and safer option when compared to heavy dumbbells.
  • Advanced foot pedal design– Foot pedals are padded to give users a comfortable exercising experience. The pedal is sturdy and hence users can exercise without the worry of the pedal slipping and creating an injury.
  • Premium Tummy Trimmer- The product is made of high-quality natural latex and thread count Nylon to give the product maximum resistance and greater durability.
  • Comfortable Handles– The model comes with padded handles and hence users can use it for a longer time without hurting their hands.

Editor’s Review:

This tummy trimmer from Spike is the epitome of comfort. Resistance training is not a cakewalk, but this product brings about everything that it can to make it a little less difficult for its user. The comfort that the padded handles and pedals give is something only passionate fitness freaks can relate to.

4. Vencho® Double Spring Tummy

Budget-Friendly Tummy Trimmer

best tummy trimmer brand in india
  • Brand- Vencho
  • Closure Type- Hook and loop
  • Colour- Multi-colour
  • Item Dimensions- 25 x 3 x 35 Centimeters
  • Age Range- Adult
  • Item weight- 750g
  • Price- Under 400
  • Package inclusions-‎1x Vencho Tummy Trimmer, Vencho Sweat Belt

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality- This spring tummy trainer from Vencho has a high-quality elastic spring with high tensile strength. 
  • Portable- The tummy trainer is lightweight even though not as light as latex tummy trimmers. It can be carried anywhere with ease and fits easily in a small bag.
  • Ergonomic Design- The pedals of the trimmer can be widened and are soft. The handles come with a good grip. All these prevent careless injuries likely to happen while using the equipment.
  • Tone your Body- The trimmer rightly targets legs, arms, shoulders, abs, and tummy and effectively tones down the body.
  • Sweat Belt as an addition-  The product comes as a package that includes a sweat belt and a tummy trainer. Thus it gives users a complete package to get toned abs and tummy.
  • Reasonable Price- The product is suitable for anyone starting their fitness journey but has a strict budget to follow. The product comes under Rs. 400.
  • Easy to store- The product has a compact size and hence can be stored anywhere. Thus, it is suitable for hostellers and bachelors who only have a limited area of a room as their own.
  • Standard Size- The product has a standard size and is suitable for people of all ages and sizes.

Editor’s Review:

This compact-sized spring tummy trimmer is quite reasonable and has a very compact design. It is suitable for all aged people who have a strict budget to follow. The slim belt that comes along with the product package is another attraction, which is designed to catalyse the process of trimming.  

What are tummy trimmers?

Tummy trimmers are a kind of fitness equipment used to aid one in doing a sit-up. It is mainly designed for women to shed some extra fat around the tummy region, but nowadays they are used by men and women alike. Men use it for various exercises that target knees, arms, shoulders, and abs.

There are mainly two types of tummy trainers, elastic latex tummy trainer and elastic spring tummy trainer. Spring ones are heavier than latex ones. 

What to Look For in A Tummy Trimmer?

●     Type

Tummy trimmers usually come in 3 types. 

–       Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel tummy trimmers are made from stainless steel and are tougher than the other ones. They are the only ones that come with various spring types for different types of users.

–       Rubber: Rubber tummy trimmers have rubber tubes instead of spring coils. The rubber offers a wider elasticity compared to steel springs. They are usually softer on the skin.

–       Detachable Tummy Trimmers: Detachable tummy trimmers offer the ability to separate the different parts of the tummy trimmer like pedals and springs. These may usually be there for changing the spring coils.

●     Number of Coils

Tummy trimmers can have up to 3 springs. The higher the number of springs, the tougher the effort is. These have to be decided on the person’s capabilities as a beginner using a tummy trimmer is better suited for a single spring. Someone who regularly works out can use a dual spring tummy trimmer and a user who is a professional knows better and uses a triple spring tummy trimmer.

●     Weight

Aside from a person’s capacity, it is necessary to account for the weight of a person before selecting the right tummy trimmer. For starters, users below 55 Kilograms are recommended to use a single spring tummy trimmer. People below 70 Kilograms are advised to use a dual spring trimmer, and users below 90 Kilograms should use triple spring trimmers.

●     Height

The height of the tummy trimmer is necessary as it’s the height of the spring. The longer the spring, the tighter one can pull it.

●     Feet Pedals

The width of the feet pedals is recommended to be at least 3 inches so that the feet are fit in properly. It’s even better if it’s 4 inches wide, which allows the feet to fit in with the shoe on.

How to use Tummy Trimmers?

To effectively tone your body, use a tummy trainer in the following way: 

  • Sit down on an exercise mat.
  • Take the tummy trimmer and insert your legs through the strap provided on the pedal.
  • Stretch your legs and pull the elastic.
  • Continue pulling and releasing while engaging your core.
  • It can also be used to do sit-ups and other exercises.


●     Fixes Posture: A tummy trimmer allows the users to easily fix their posture through regular exercising. The stretching movement of a tummy trimmer makes the back straighten itself gradually and with ease. There is no fear of a sudden hard strain, unlike other methods.

●     Reduces Tummy: This obviously is the most basic function of the tummy trimmers, but tummy trimmers are quite an effective equipment that eases reducing tummy fat, than without it. This happens due to the extra effort that goes into crunching while pulling, which makes one’s tummy work extra hard.

●     Flexible Body: Some users may find it difficult if their body structure is too bony, but tummy trimmers stretching one’s body during a workout allows the body to develop better muscle reflexes and flexibility in other tasks as well.

●     Build Arms and Chest: While tummy trimmers may be a tool for the belly, the pulling of the chain to lift requires effort from the chest and arms as well. When done regularly, this may as well become a full-body workout for many.

Short Recap of Best Tummy Trimmers 2022


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