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6 Best Vegan Protein Powder In India [ Updated 2022]

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Work out is something where one always looks forward to staying healthy and fit. Post workout sessions are something that is important for the protein intake but wait, isn’t it important to have some best vegan protein powder in India shake for the “anabolic Metabolism”?

The period of post workout session where 15-60 mins the intake of protein or any nutritious food will give an amazing impact on the core strength workout at the gym. People will definitely lookout for more options of staying fit apart from working out like focusing on a perfect diet, and a perfect diet doesn’t always have to be green lentils, legumes. How about you enjoy every food and work-out hard simultaneously and add best Vegan Protein Powder to the appetite? Uh-oh, you don’t have much time to search for the best tasting vegan protein powder.

Here’s an article where honest reviews and the benefits of each product are given. Saves time from reading reviews and researching the best products when we have already taken up the responsibility of providing the top 6 best vegan protein powder in India.

Best Vegan Protein Powder

1. Kapiva Men’s Vegan Protein

Best Healthy protein Powder

best vegan protein powder bodybuilding
  • Brand: Kapiva 
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 4.1 gram
  • Fat free: 0 gram sugar
  • Protein Source: Pea protein, Rice protein, Fava bean protein and Quinoa powder
  • Flavour: Banana. 
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 10cm * 10cm* 35cm
  • Weight: 1kg 40g


  • Free from side effects: The protein powder is based on plants and completely based on plant resources. The protein powder gives good impact on the health and causes no digestion problems. 
  • Assurance: Safety of people is the first priority that every person will look out for, this protein powder provides all the natural ingredients and does not involve any added materials. 
  • Quality: Quality check by any fit trainer is a must, as the powder gives a lot of impact to the body. It is important to have a quality check. 
  • Focus on Health: The ingredients provided in the protein is the basic and yet the necessity. It generates various plant protein components to build strength in the body. 
  • Natural herbs: In this powder, people tend to find more healthy herbs such as Ashwagandha and Ginseng for improving the muscle strength and transferring the protein into the muscles. 
  • Growth: It provides all the required vitamins and minerals; giving antioxidants by keeping individuals’ muscles strong overall


I personally like this protein shake as my fitness coach has suggested that I take it right after my workout, which is best for my body. It provides almost 60-70% protein in the body. And I am completely into fitness and started following his instructions, so far everything is good.

2. Boldfit Protein plant fitted for men and women

Best plant based protein Powder

best vegan protein powder in india
  • Brand: Boldfit
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 3.5g 
  • Fat free: 0 gram
  • Protein Source: Vegan protein coffee powder
  • Flavour: Cafe mocha 
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 25cm * 8cm * 18cm
  • Weight: 1000g


  • Superfoods: Bromelain, papain and pink salt are the secret ingredients for this protein powder. It is not just suitable for vegan but vegetarians also. 
  • The perfect combination: Boldfit Green protein is provided with the best superfood protein compared to any other ordinary protein. It is best for the fitness freaks. 
  • Perfect for flavoring: The flavour of the protein is something that no one wishes to avoid the taste of. It is tasty and also healthy at the same time. 
  • Premium Choice: The vegan protein gives in the right blend of premium sources of the plant sources which includes various types of protein source.
  • Intake: The intake of the protein shake depends on individuals’ water intake and how many litres do they drink. After taking in one’s water intake, add 1 scope of the powder. 
  • Natural resources: The antioxidants which are added in the protein powder are the natural ingredients such as turmeric, pink salt, making it strong. 


This product is really a catch and also suggestible product, as it includes natural ingredients by giving us the indian species to keep us fit. Who doesn’t like a strong milkshake just like a strong cup of coffee in the morning. It’s better to get the product which can give many benefits at a reasonable price.

3. Healthy Hey Organic Raw Pea & Brown Rice Protein Isolate

Best Organic protein Powder

top vegan protein powder
  • Brand: Healthyhey Oraganic 
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 
  • Fat free: 0 grams.
  • Protein Source: Pea proteins, gluten & Dairy free
  • Flavour: Pea and Brown Rice. 
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 27.6 cm* 18.2 cm* 16.2cm
  • Weight: 1 kgs


  • Certified: The protein powder is certified. The protein powder consists of a lot of organic ingredients, and it is certified as organic healthy for fitness. 
  • Flavouring: The ingredients provided in the shake is sugar less and definitely no artificial flavouring and extra harmful substance present. The extraction of vegetables gives the original colour.  
  • Dairy free: This is certainly the right product for people who are lactose intolerant or people who tend to avoid any dairy products. 
  • Family: The protein powder can be taken by any age group of people. One whole family can have this protein shake just to stay healthy and fit. 
  • Soy free: The product gives soy free especially for people who are allergic to soy and can have this protein shake after their workout. 
  • Protein Source: The proteins given in the HealthyHey organic shake is pea and brown rice which enhances people with muscle strength. 


The results for a few days of workout won’t be instant. The same applies to the protein shake. The intake of the HealthyHey shake won’t show immediate changes but definitely shows in a few months of time. The smell is unpleasant but the serving of the shake is healthy just like the brand name.

4. Olena, EVOLVE Vegan Performance Plant

Best Chocolate Protein Powder

best tasting vegan protein powder
  • Brand: Olena Evolve
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 4.7 grams
  • Fat free: 0 grams
  • Protein Source: Pea, Rice
  • Flavour: Chocolate
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 14cm* 9cm* 4cm
  • Weight: 1000 grams.


  • Nutritional Lab: The product is certified and gives guarantee to people that it wouldn’t give any side effects to anybody kind from beginner to fitness trainers.  
  • BCAA: Premium number of co- vegetable nutrients with 4.7g BCAAs per portion and a full amino acid profile obtained from yellow peas and germinated brown rice.
  • Vitamin Extraction: The antioxidants from the product is a natural recovery from the berry extraction and other natural products. It also extracts natural ingredients for digestion. 
  • Efficiency: Because the powder dissolves properly in water, The product has a flawless feel with no grittiness. It gives a good amount of muscle strength. 
  • Build Strength: For people who workout twice a day or go for long runs in the morning, Olena vegan protein powder helps your body gain more strength to be more active throughout the day.  


After a long search for the premium vegan protein powder, the protein powder by this brand has served it well and I am completely satisfied with the product and would definitely continue in my long run without having to worry about my rigorous workout or long jogging with my partner.

5. Plix Strength Vegan Protein Powder

Best digestive Enzymes protein Powder

top vegan protein powder in India
  • Brand: Plix 
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 5 grams
  • Fat free: 0 grams
  • Protein Source: Pea, rice
  • Flavour: Chocolate 
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 22.9cm* 14.7cm* 14cm
  • Weight: 1.08 kgs


  • A solution to Lactose tolerance: The ingredients used in the protein powder are non dairy products such as pea protein and brown rice protein. If people have any issues with dairy products, then Plix is the best option. 
  • AA: AA is also known as Amino acid where all the essential acids are in the appropriate proportions. The formula for the strength is used to create a different taste to the Amino acid. 
  • Supplement of Strength: The strength is being supplied to people who are not just professionals but also for beginners. The strength is being supplied to every part of the body post the workout. 
  • Acceptable: Plix protein products are certified and accepted globally. Many beginners or fitness trainers can take this protein shake. It is the best tasting vegan protein powder. 
  • Approval: The FSSAI has approved this product has been tested by hefty metals and turns out to be having no harmful substances. Many people can completely rely on the product. 
  • Intake: Take 300-400 ml of water and add one scope of plix protein powder and mix it well for one-two minutes. Shake it well before drinking the shake. 


This flavour of the blend is really good, I enjoy it much more than any other shakes. This shake hasn’t given any side effects and also I feel it gives so much strength to the muscles especially after a rigorous workout. It is the best vegan protein powder bodybuilding.

6. bGREEN by MuscleBlaze

Best for muscle building Protein powder

best tasting vegan protein powder in India
  • Brand: bGreen
  • Vegan product: Yes
  • BCAA: 4.6 grams
  • Fat free: Yes, it is fat free & Sugar free
  • Protein Source: Pea 
  • Flavour: Unflavoured
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 16.5 cm* 16.5 cm* 27.9 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg.


  • BCAA: The product undoubtedly helps in delaying any soreness or any pain present in the body, hence can improve in strength for hitting the gym back. 
  • Smooth digestion: It is the top vegan protein powder which helps people with smooth digestion and also avoid any irritation in the stomach. 
  • Sugar Free: Many fitness trainers suggest avoiding any sugar items for the effectiveness of the body. This product will enhance your results by avoiding sugar and at the same time give a good taste. 
  • Protein Source: The proteins included in the protein shake are pea and brown rice which has high intake of protein. And the Amino Acid profile acts as the bodybuilding nutrient. 
  • Requirement: The nutrients present in this protein shake is 25 grams and it has plant based proteins which enhance muscle growth and recovery. 
  • Flavours: The protein shake has no flavour at present but it definitely will come up with various flavours by avoiding any artificial sweeteners. 


I prefer taking this product as it is better than whey product and also helps my muscles recover and have an instant muscle growth too. After having the protein shake post workout, I found to have good digestion and no tension for the upset stomach. The quantity of the protein shake is helping me keep more fit each day. 

What is Vegan Powder?

Protein powder is a wonderful way to add more protein to your nutrition, especially if you’re attempting to meet your recommended daily requirements. It’s lightweight, non-perishable, and simple to include into recipes. However, a research published ignited a debate regarding nutritional supplements, particularly vegan protein powder, and its relation to toxic substances.  

Building muscle mass while following a vegan or vegetarian diet might be difficult. However, if you pick the correct type of protein, ingest too much of it, and supplement your diet with regular exercise, you may grow muscle quickly and efficiently with plant protein.

Load up on nutrient plant-based foods like beans, quinoas, greek yogurt, soybeans, vegetables, peas, almonds, dried fruit, and cereals.

After that, add a high-quality, plant-based protein powder to your diet. Choose a brand that incorporates a variety of plant proteins to assure you get all of the necessary organic molecules your body requires, as well as a wide range of nutrients.

What to Look For in Vegan Protein Powder?

  • Animal-based bodybuilding supplements, which are derived from milk components, can be replaced with plant-based meal replacements. This is great news for those with food intolerances like gluten sensitivity, as well as vegetarians that don’t want to relinquish the mass and strength and healing advantages that these powders provide. Protein is a necessary component of your bones, skin, muscles, and blood, as well as the production of hormones and catalysts. 
  • Proline, inositol, leucine, arginine, homocysteine, missense, phosphonate, serotonin, and valine are all necessary chemical compounds that your body cannot generate on its own. These chemical molecules are combined by your body causing the antibodies required for critical tasks such as muscle proper growth and development.  
  • A pinch of hemp, a dash of pea. Soy protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein are some of the most common plant protein choices. You should think about these protein sources in terms of your individual requirements. If you’re attempting to cut down on soy, for example, a greek yogurt and pea protein alternative could be a wiser choice. You also might want to examine if the plant-based protein supplement is custom designed and non-GMO, depending on your personal preferences. 
  • Most of our diet contains sugar, and vegan protein powders are everywhere. Sugar is frequently used to enhance the natural taste of plant-based protein powders. While processed sugar isn’t harmful in modest amounts, it does add calories without providing any nutrients.
  • For women a certain amount of protein  grams per day to restrain from sweets, and for most males the 150 calories should not exceed for any sugar food items. For women, this equates to five to six teaspoons per day, while for males, it equates to seven to eight teaspoons per day.

How to Use Vegan Protein Powder?

We recently discussed various ways to incorporate plant-based proteins into your regular meals. By including plant-based protein into your daily dietary regimen, you may increase your overall protein consumption, which is important for building and maintaining fat metabolism, recuperating from exercises, sustaining cardiovascular endurance, and more. Here are 3 useful ways to get started: 

  • In your daily diet, add a scoop of Significant and important Basic Plant-Based Protein.
  • Later in the day, add another spoonful to a cup of cereal.
  • Following your workouts, drink a smoothie made with plant-based protein powder.

Benefits of Using Vegan Protein Powder

1. EASY DIGESTION: Peas, lentils, legumes, nuts and seeds are part of the diet that provides a high level of proteins with a fitness level of fibre which can lead to smoother and easy digestion. It cuts out any issues related to gastric and stomach bloating. 
2. HELPS IN CLEAR SKIN: The vegan protein powder helps in clearing the skin and ensuring that the acne isn’t spotted on the face. Many people have switched to vegan protein shakes and found tremendous changes on the face and skin. Especially for people who are into fitness and are very interested in keeping their confidence high, also look for the appearance of the face. Focusing on the correction on diet can lead to the supplements provided in the body and gets into the muscles and nothing more. 
3. BOOSTER TO METABOLISM: It is better to let the body work on plant protein for letting the metabolism function better in the body and leads to burning of excessive fat. Proteins and fibre are the main combinations that takes in the body while digesting vegan whole food. 
 4. KEEPS THE HORMONES INTACT: The consumption of animal-based sources also known as non-vegetarian which contains antibiotics and added hormones but when it comes to plant-based on protein is essential and used for minimal health such as vitamins & minerals, antioxidants etc.
5.  ESSENTIAL PROTEINS: all the types of beans and peas or the family of beans and peas are the entire source of proteins. Protein Bar has many options to get vegan food to boost confidence that people are getting the correct amount of amino acids on the meal intake. There are nine adequate levels of amino acids. 

Short Recap of Best Vegan Protein Powder 2022


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