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Best Workout Pants For Women In India – Reviews and More

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10 Best Yoga Pants For Women In India

Yoga poses and exercises involve a lot of stretchability and flexibility. So to feel comfortable while doing the poses, you need a proper pair of yoga pants. Active Wears are equally important as health supplements and equipment for effective workouts. 

It is essential to look for fabrics that are suitable for your purpose. If you are looking for performance-ready pants, the fabric must be flexible, aren’t too sheer and be comfortable while changing the poses. If you want pants with multiple uses such as yoga, travel, etc., go for cotton pants.

We have listed below the best workout pants for women in India with detailed reviews, key specifications and special features to make your job easy. The pants in the list are suitable for almost all athletic activities and can even be used for travelling, lounging and more.

10 best yoga pants for women in India

Here are the best picks for you to consider. 

1. MSCREATION Ankle Length Fitness Pants

Best budget pick

best yoga panta for women
  • Material: polyester
  • Product dimension: 14 x 9 x 14 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% polyester 10% spandex.
  • Price: 499/-
  • Fit type: skinny fit.
  • Product weight: 300 grams

Product features:


The primary material of the pants is polyester, and hence it absorbs and dries the sweat quickly. Due to its lightweight and breathable fabric, the pants are very comfortable while working out.


These pants are suitable for various activities like fitness, workout, yoga and activewear. 


This is a skinny fit, and a high waist pant gets adjusted to your body shape and size, giving freedom of movement, tightly fitted supports and speedy recovery. 


Fitness pants need to be stretchable to withstand the stress during workouts. The composition of these pants is 90% polyester and 10% spandex making them 4-way stretchable.

Editors Review:

These are one of the best workout pants for women and can be used for various other purposes. The breathable material is comfortable for both indoor and outdoor activities. If you are looking for affordable multipurpose yoga pants, this is the best option. 

2. U.S. CROWN Women’s Slim Fit Yoga Pant

Best yoga pants overall

best pants for yoga
  • Material: polyester
  • Product dimension: 18.01 x 15.01 x 3 cm.
  • Material composition: 100% polyester 
  • Price: 999/-
  • Fit type: slim fit.
  • Product weight: 160 grams

Product features:

Wide waistband:

These pants come with a wide tummy waistband that gives a toned look to your body. Yoga pants are not only for yoga but are used for various other activities also.

Form and function:

It is not just the look and comfort they offer but the motivation they provide, making the woman get up and go for a yoga class, gym, running and bike ride. 


Thanks to the design and stretch, these pants are comfortable to wear for long hours in the gym, running and yoga. They define the body and are extremely comfortable.

Air circulation:

Although these pants have a tight fit, they provide optimal air circulation throughout the legs. This is possible due to the weave construction design of the fabric.

Editors Review:

In my opinion, these are one of the best pants for women in terms of versatility, design, purpose and comfort. Though the product’s price is on the higher side, the features of these pants make them worth buying.

3. FITG18 Women’s Slim Fit Jeggings

best yoga pants brand
  • Material: polyester
  • Product dimension: 10 x 10 x 4.65 cm.
  • Material composition: 85% polyester 15% spandex.
  • Price: 999/-
  • Fit type: slim fit.
  • Product weight: 225 grams

Product features:

Flatlock sewing:

The stitching of the pants are well-tailored, and hence the materials stretch easily without tearing. These pants can be used for any workout without worrying about the stitches. 

Wide waistband:

These pants have a wide 4-inch waistband that is slip-free, providing maximum coverage and acts as comfortable shapewear, highlighting the shape you want.


Since these pants are available in various colours and patterns, you can use them for any occasion without any worries. 


The fabric used for making the pants wicks moisture instantly. Hence these pants can be used for long hour workouts without worrying about sweat. 

Editors Review:

These pants are made of moisture-wicking fabric and are comfortable during all your training. They don’t shrink often, and the spandex in the fabric allows it to stretch easily without any deformation. These pants are suitable for those who are looking for yoga pants with good designs and colours. 

4. Shri Hub Gym wear Leggings 

best yoga pants
  • Material: cotton
  • Product dimension: 12 x 11.99 x 4.5 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% cotton 10% polyester.
  • Price: 699/-
  • Fit type: slim fit.
  • Product weight: 200 grams

Product features:

Soft and comfortable:

These ultrasoft slim style leggings are a perfect combination of fabric and comfort. Though the fabric is soft, it can be stretched hard during heavy workouts and other outdoor activities. 

Fabric quality:

Although the fabric is thin and weightless, it does not become transparent while stretching. These pants are comfortable to wear all day long.

Multiple uses:

These stretch recovery pants can be used for various purposes such as gym, fitness, yoga, weight lifting, aerobics, workout, thrusts, squats, running and anything that involves twisting around.

Shape retainer: 

These pants have an elastic waistband that retains your shape without any elastic marks. The elasticity is due to the addition of polyester.

Editors Review:

These are some of the best yoga pants in this segment. These high waist cotton pants are comfortable and versatile. It comes with anti-odour technology. The fabric is so soft that it should be washed only in a machine. Buy this product if you want affordable cotton pants.

5. ELISHA Women & Girls Skinny Fit Yoga Pants

Best high waisted yoga pants

best workout pants for women
  • Material: cotton.
  • Product dimension: 11 x 8 x 4 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% cotton 10% polyester 
  • Price: 999/-
  • Fit type: slim fit.
  • Product weight: 200 grams

Product features:

Suitable for all activities:

This product is specially designed for gym, yoga, fitness, workout and activewear. It can also be used for cycling, jogging, walking and other sports activities.

Soft and stretchable:

These pants are stretchable and soft, providing a perfect body fit and absolute comfort. These pants are best for doing yoga as it involves different poses. 


The waistband is elastic and helps you to retain your body shape throughout the workout. This waistband is made of quality material, so no need to worry about rashes. 


These pants are available in different colours with side stripe patterns that make them more attractive. 

Editors Review:

These are good cotton joggers which are mainly designed for workout regimes and running. The fabric is a blend of cotton and spandex that is comfortable to wear and keeps you cool when sweating. These are good quality joggers which can also be used for office and casual use.  

6. BLINKIN Women’s Skinny Fit Yoga Pants

 best compression yoga pants

best yoga leggings
  • Material: polyester
  • Product dimension: 23.6 x 20.8 x 3.2 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% polyester 10% spandex.
  • Price: 1,680/-
  • Fit type: skinny fit.
  • Product weight: 180 grams

Product features:

Good quality stitching:

These pants are manufactured by dual flat lock stitching capable of withstanding high stress and strain during heavy workouts.

Material quality:

The pants are engineered with premium quality fabric that is durable, snag-resistant, anti-pilling, fade-resistant, squat proof and UV coated.

Style and comfort:

The pants are designed to deliver a perfect blend of both sportswear and casual wear. They are stylish and durable that can be used as both sports and casual wear.

Stretchable and breathable:

The fabric is stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking and dries quickly, providing comfort and security.

Editors Review:

This is a premium quality product from one the best yoga pants brands in India. Though these pants are pricey, the quality and comfort they offer are unmatchable. The product is lightweight and soft with breathable fabric that is a must-have for your office, casual and gym needs.  

7. TRASA Women’s Skinny Fit Track Pants

 best lightweight yoga pants

the best yoga pants
  • Material: cotton
  • Product dimension: 90 x 2 x 90 cm.
  • Material composition: 95% cotton 5% lycra.
  • Price: 399/-
  • Fit type: skinny fit.
  • Product weight: 110 grams

Product features:

Shapes your body:

These stretchy and comfortable yoga pants are designed with tummy control and waist cover, perfect for your curves and streamlines your shape. These can also be used as shapewear.

Moisture control and breathable:

The pants are made of moisture-wicking material that helps remove and dry the moisture from your body quickly after a workout. These pants keep you cool and moisture free for your whole workout session. 

Ultra-stretch fabric:

These pants are made of ultra-stretch fabric and thick enough to be non-see-through. Best for performing yoga poses. 


These ultra-fashionable yoga pants are affordable and can be used for any purpose considering the design and quality of the product. 

Editors Review:

These pants are perfect for yoga and workout with their 4-way stretch material. These pants are best for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The fabric is engineered to reduce rubbing and chafing, making these the best yoga pants in the segment. 

8. Veloz Women’s Skinny Fit Yoga Pant

Best high-end yoga pants

best yoga clothes
  • Material: v-flex fabric
  • Product dimension: 21.84 x 13.97 x 2.79 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% polyester 10% spandex.
  • Price: 2,099/-
  • Fit type: skinny fit.
  • Product weight: 220 grams

Product features:


The fabric is capable of transferring the sweat outside the fabric from your body surface to dry rapidly. This makes your pants dry and non-sticky. 

Irritation free:

The pants are made of soft and breathable fabric that remains cool and dry, thus preventing your skin from irritation.

Best for Indian body type:

Since Indian body types are different from foreigners, these leggings are specially designed for additional comfort for Indian bodies.

Material quality:

The fabric stretches according to your body movements while avoiding skin visibility through the fabric. 

Editors Review:

These pants have all the features you need for a workout like stretchability, moisture-wicking, breathability, irritation-free and quick dry. These pants are ideal for cycling, skating, yoga, running, aerobics and more. In my opinion, this is the best for Indian women.

9. Van Heusen Athleisure Women’s Yoga Spirit Pants 

 best yoga outfits
  • Material: cotton
  • Product dimension: 28 x 28 x 9 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% cotton 10% polyamide
  • Price: 999/-
  • Fit type: athletic fit.
  • Product weight: 300 grams

Product features:

Functional pockets:

These pants come with functional side pockets for keeping your keys and mobile phones while working out.

Quick-dry feature:

The fabric of the leggings are soft and breathable that gets dried in a short time during and after your sports activities. 

High stretch and movement:

The material of the pants is highly stretchable, which makes it easy for quick movements during a workout or yoga session.

Reflective trims:

The pants are reflective in the dark and are both useful as well as attractive to look at. These materials are reflective in both daylight and night. 

Editors Review: 

These pants are ideal for small to medium level workouts like yoga, running, bodybuilding at the gym and walking. This product from Van Heusen is the best pants for yoga that you can rely on to enhance your performance.  

10. Champ Women’s Skinny Fit Sports Leggings

Best cropped yoga pants

 fitness yoga pants
  • Material: polyester
  • Product dimension: 19.7 x 16.7 x 4.3 cm.
  • Material composition: 90% polyester 10% spandex.
  • Price: 1,409/-
  • Fit type: skinny fit.
  • Product weight: 180 grams

Product features:


This product from champ is super stretchy, and soft pants are made of premium quality polyester and spandex. 

Irritation free:

This breathable fabric allows the user to be cool and irritation-free throughout the workout session.


The fabric can absorb the sweat from the body surface and let it out quickly to dry out rapidly. These pants remain cool due to the rapid cooling fabric.


The fabric stretches according to your movements and makes it easy to work out without any discomfort. 

Editors Review:

If you ask us, this is one of the best yoga leggings for women in this segment, considering the features and price. The quality of the fabric is good and looks stylish. If you want good looking yoga pants with all the features, then this is the best pick for you.

What are yoga pants?

Yoga pants are generally tight and stretchable bottoms that are ideal for various indoor and outdoor activities. Other than wearing these pants for a workout, women wear them for office and casual occasions. 

Yoga pants are nothing but modern sweatpants or loungewear. Yoga pants give you freedom of flexibility, body slimming compression, full coverage, moisture-wicking, UPF protection, performance-enhancing and anti-chafing fit. 

The low or high waistbands give good shape to your body. Modern-day yoga pants are manufactured by combining both fashion and function, making them suitable for all kinds of activities.

What to look for in yoga pants?

1)Fabrics: The type of fabric for sportswear is different for each individual. It is always better to choose yoga pants with fabrics suitable for your skin type and needs. Make sure the fabric is breathable and non-transparent

2)Size and shape: yoga pants are available in different sizes and shapes to choose from. Low waist to high waistband pants are suitable for retaining their shape during a workout. Some yoga pants can also be used as shapewear

3)Check for other features:

Nowadays, yoga pants come with different features. Choose the pants with features that are essential for you. The features are

  • Irritation free fabric
  • Hydro-dry material
  • UV coating 
  • Snag-resistant
  • Fade-resistant 
  • Chafing free fabric.

How to use yoga pants?

There are certain things to see before using yoga pants

  • Always check for transparency and holes before wearing the pants.
  • Don’t wear it if the pants are too tight because it may cause rashes on your waist area after stretching.
  • Ensure that the material is breathable as the activities you are doing involve a lot of sweating.
  • Wear the best-fit pants to avoid discomfort while performing yoga poses. 

Benefits of using yoga pants:

Easy to stretch:

It is always better to go for workout pants for better stretch and comfort because the fabrics used are specially made for doing yoga and other sports. 


Wearing yoga pants can boost your motivation to get ready for a workout. Changing from normal clothes to activewear shifts your entire focus to exercising. 

Good for health:

Generally, workout pants are made of fabrics that are easily stretchable and breathable. If the pants are tight, your limbs make them numb in some cases. Breathable fabric allows the skin to breathe and prevents the trapping of sweat and germs on the skin.


Other than sports activities, some pants can be used for regular users such as lounging, travelling and even the office.


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